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What was your favourite toy as a kid and how did you destroy/lose it -
or is it still around today and you secretly cuddle it every night before going to sleep?


My plastic M-16 amchine gun, Yehaa! Now thats a good toy for a seven year old. I thought I lost it one day but it was probably taken away and disposed of by my parents without my knowlege because I used to hide near the street and point it at passing cars. That really pissed off a few motorists, let me tell you. - Stange odor t-shirt guy

my pet sock jim and no he strokes me- JuggaloBob

Good Answer AwardMy sock monkey. Still have it over 30 years. Cuddle every night before sex. with the monkey.- iamzbob

My favorite toy was a box of matchbox cars. I still have them all, but I no longer play with them.- Cessna

My favorite toy were Batman dolls which I would destroy by throwing them into the woods or putting them in the grill and fireplace or the kettle.- kmizzz

Good Answer Awardi threw my tickle me elmo out the car window on the highway because i thought he needed some air from laughing too much.- no named loser

my teddy bear. too bad my old dog bit his nose off when i was like 11 - prisazzz

Good Answer Awardmy favorite toy was legos. i still have a big box of them in storage. i will give them to my kids. when i have kids. if i have kids. i'm so lonely.- dogmanto

I'll never tell cause I know you really just want to take it away from me. Wait a minute, I know what it is. It's my willy. And yes, I do play with it every night before going to sleep. But you still can't have it, even if you ask really nicely.- SaintBartleby

Good Answer AwardMy favorite toy was a little plastic action figure i made out of kinex. He was called The Ogre and he was half biological and half mechanical. Through bruit force he destroyed all stuffed animals and Disney characters from happy meals. Despite his many wounds in battle, he lives still to this day.- Quell

a train set, I took it apart to see how it worked.- frybrain

Good Answer AwardIt wasn't me!! My favorite stuffed tiger, I knew he was unstable, even at the tender age of 2 years old. My tiger, Pyro, set the entire house on fire, chaining himself to the support structure of the house, killing himself within. I still cuddle his ashes, or what I think are his ashes,- ox by many names

It was this little Puff the Magic Dragon plush. It's in the depths of my closet, somewhere...- p3n0rm0nst3r

my gi joes, vehicle accidents involving tonka trucks, the trucks could take it but sadly gi joe wasnt as tough as they said he was, first collision and he wound up with his head sticking out of his asshole- shwartzie




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