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If YOU were in charge of the Empire, how would strike back?


Good Answer AwardI'd hire Dick Cheney to be Darth Vadar and give away free hunting trips accompanied by him as gifts to my political opponents. If that didn't get rid of them all, I'd put the rest in a cage and drop it to the bottom of the ocean surrounded by sharks. With Lasers! - Stange odor t-shirt guy

Good Answer AwardI think barney or maybe mister rogers said it best "The streets will flow with the blood of the infantiles"- JuggaloBob

Well first I would kill all humans. The end.- Rattlehead

I'd show the princess my FORCE and then once she told the women the rebellion would be done without all their women.- iamzbob

with a scalding hot stream of acrid urine, of course.- Cessna

Of course I would strike back, you need to retaliate to gain any respect you just lost.- kmizzz

i don't know.- no named loser

by not- prisazzz

i would kill all hippies and liberals, and usher in a new era of freedom for all who wanted to follow me.- dogmanto

Good Answer AwardWith pointy sticks! Lots of pointy sticks! And we'd paint our chests BLUE and run at them naked and screaming just like the Scots did. - oxie--oxyface

Good Answer AwardIn My empire I wouldn't need to strike back because I have determined the secret of universal happiness and I'd have nobody trying to bring down the man. What? You don't buy that? OK, I guess I'd develope an army of insane killer dinosaurs and stuffed kitty's and let them loose on any revolutionary worlds to wipe out my enemies. Then I'd put a ransome on the heads of all the government officials who don't swear allegiance to me personally. I'd declare myself to be God and everyone would have to worship me or they wouldn't get paid because the Empire would take over all business operations and incorperate them into the Government Organized Dictatorship System (GODS)- SaintBartleby

Good Answer AwardJust like China, i would dominate the sock market with cheap labor and send Darth Walm Art to sell the rebels their own supplies.- Quell

I would start by doing a fly over and pelting them with cow pies- frybrain

Definitely not by coming up with a lame cartoon.- p3n0rm0nst3r

one word....muffins- shwartzie





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