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Who was the last person that came to your door and what the hell did they want?


Good Answer AwardThe Asshole neighbor that I hate came to my door about a month ago with some mail that had been mistakenly delivered to his house while the regular US mail carrier was on vacation. He has the same first name as me so this kind of thing happens occasionally. Since we have the same name he also opened the envelope before he noticed it wasn't his. It was a dividend check for $6.24. He apologized for opening the envelope and I thanked him for bringing it to me. I cashed the check and spent the money on a beer and asparagus and then pissed on his lawn.- Stange odor t-shirt guy

Good Answer AwardPeople from the mormon church and they wanted my used spaghetti- JuggaloBob

Nobody ever visits me!- Rattlehead

My best friend. Had to smoke before work..- iamzbob

my wife came to my door today after work and she wanted her big stud-muffin (that would be me, in case you were wondering)- Cessna

It was my friend Cam and I was going to his house to sleep over and make music.- kmizzz

me, and i wanted to come in.- no named loser

it was my neighbor's daughter and she wanted to play with my niece.- dogmanto

Good Answer AwardI haven't seen humans in a long time at my door. Around here, they tend to look in windows. These windows are the kind of windows faces look in at. At night. In fog. - oxie--oxyface

MY INVISIBLE FRIEND, just to be invisible and to bug me and laugh...............- bottled dragon water

Good Answer AwardIt was those missionaries and they wanted my soul.- SaintBartleby

A new dormmate came to the door. She just wanted to hang it. It was fun.- Quell

A couple of OOOld hens from the Jovah witness program.- frybrain

A man dressed as a camera and all he wanted were lurid pictures, I actually think it was one of my guy buddies who wants to sleep with me. - dragon bottles!!

Some stupid guys remodeling my bathroom. They've been taking so long, so they BETTER not want a tip.- p3n0rm0nst3r

Good Answer Awardim not sure, i usually fly into a blind rage and kill whoever makes that god awfull knocking sound, but from the amount of blood and the torn up cookie boxes i think it was some girl scouts, also the blonde pig tails hanging from the tree is a dead give away.- shwartzie


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