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What if an alien ship landed in your backyard and refused to leave until you cooked them a nice meal and provided them with some entertainment for the evening - and would it involve you dancing around in your underwear in any way?


I hope they like Ramen noodles and Yoga chanting. - Stange odor t-shirt guy


First I would explain that I left my oven in my car. Then I would run away and get the bank to foreclose on my house. The E.T.'s are their problem now.- Rattlehead

McDonalds and take to the street races since the people there are aliens also.- iamzbob

You lead the answers too much. No, I would dance around in YOUR underwear. I think I would make a nice barbecue of some of the damned neighborhood cats. that would solve two problems at once. They would never know that people don't usually eat cats (well, in south africa they do). Then I would take them for a ride on my motorcycle. - Cessna

I would cook them a meal and play scrabble with them so I could gain a better basis for their language.- kmizzz

yes.aliens are perverts.- no named loser

i would only cook them the meal and entertain them if they gave me some extremely awesome alien technology in return. if they didn't i would call the cia and the media and make a fortune off my story.- dogmanto

Yes yes lure them into a false sense of security with wine, fine wine, the finest wine available to humanity and alienity. Then kill them and roast them to the other ones. Yes.......- oxie--oxyface

Good Answer AwardIF they ate my cooking they'd be sorry. They would get indigestion, vomitting, and diahrea. The part with me dancing around in my underwear is when they come back really pissed of in the middle of the night with burning buttholes and wake me up and shoot those little ray guns at my feet to make me dance around the back yard to get even for the bad meal. - SaintBartleby

Good Answer AwardI would pit my neighbors against each other in a bloody gladiator match. The aliens could play Ceaser and give them the thumbs up or thumbs down. Both would probably die and the aliens and i would sit out by the pool, drinking coke, eating Kit Kats, and just bullshitting. Afterward, bag 'em, tag 'em, and ebay 'em.- Quell

there is no room in my back yard, but I would let park in the front. I might if they were female- frybrain

I'd be happy. Well, I'd be a little freaked out at the whole idea of them being aliens, but I'd gladly host their dinner party.- p3n0rm0nst3r

again...underwear? are you gay or somthing im running around ass neekid with my balls flapping wildly for all to see, pants, underwear, hahahahahaha you make my nutsac laugh.- shwartzie



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