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Has a TV commercial ever tricked you into buying something really stupid, or at least tempted you to?
(Such as those horrible mixed CD collections, food that seemed like a good idea at the time, and/or electronics that somehow seem useful until you really think about it?)

Good Answer AwardRon Popeal has made millions on people that way, fooling them into buying knives or the bassomatic or the wonderful "set it and forget it" thing, whatever it was. What a jerk, I hate him, and his queer little moustache. And Yes I did think about buying the wonder rotisserie chicken roaster, but good sence and cheapness prevailed and I still cook my chickens in the oven. I'll always wonder about that flavor injector and where he got the idea for it though.- foolinlove

Good Answer Awardwell recently ive been seeing to ronco knife sets and i really want them but i dont know when ill ever need to cook the head of a steel hammer, or a slat of granit, and im not sure who really eats tin cans but if i get those knifes ill be ready for the guy who perfers metal and rocks for dinner, and ill be know for ever as "the guy who could cook rock and metal and cut them to hey why does he have a really long title and why was what i just said on the end of his title" and it would be cool i would be a liethe super hero who never made it to the main stream but made a career of my failures.- Insaneone

"Set it and, forget it!" ...nuff said. ><- TheBubble

nope- xenelle

Good Answer AwardYES it did! The freaking thing did not work at all and I was like: Whoa! I am a real idiot for buying this piece of crap! I tried to use it, it had a flashlight and stuff but in the end, I lost it. Somewhere? I know it is not in the house. That piece of crap. Probably threw it out or fed it to the neighbor dog who thinks it is a big shot because it can ride a bike.- Rice Crappy Treats

I try to ignore commercials all together...though I do tend to occasionally pay attention to the adult toy ones that are on late at night on the french channels. Seeing a pizza commercial may have got me to order one instead of making supper once or twice. - Poptart

Good Answer Awardi once bought an electric turkey cutter that could cut brick. it was a total bust. it cut brick all right, but when i tried to stab my neighbo- i mean the turkey, it failed to function and just bent the blade and made a huge mess.- Bobthemouse09

I bought the farm- fudge

yes- bobtheimpalor

Yep....... I was gonna buy those 1980s Dance music CD's "Over 9 hours of Songs" ...for like 123.00 for four payments... Im happy I dont have a credit card. lol- scatty

yes!- dmx

No commercial, but whenever i see one of those 'eliminate lies' for no smoking ads, it makes me want to smoke.- iamzbob

yep but never ordered- marie

No, but I definitely want buzz cuts. The greatest (actually lamest) rock hits of the 90s!- rachel

Yes- Coach

nope.- ...

never- hated

TV! HA! HA HA! TV is for the people who enjoy having their minds scrubbed of all personality and individuality. I don’t watch nor do I listen to the TV any more because the stupidity of advertisements and media obsession with entertainers and their daily life’s is enough to drive a sane man mad!- Ishkabilly

yes- NikosDad

Good Answer AwardI am a cheapass at heart, so I have never felt tempted to buy weird CDs, exercise equipment, or odd appliances. My brother used to watch infomercials late at night. I was really worried for him there. I mean, who willingly watches an abnormally excited person demonstrating a kitchen appliance that will most likely break the first time you use it? Someone who is on the verge of insanity, that's who. I'm so proud of you, bro!- McDiablo

no- dawol


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