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What if a foul-smelling stranger (who looked like they were just thrown up by a garbage can) walked up to you, looked you right in the eyes and said "Would you take a look at those stats?" and then winked at you in a suggestive manner?

I'd ask him "Whats the frequency?" and beat the hell out of him. I'm not gonna let any pervert ex-stock broker make a pass at me and get away with it.- foolinlove

Good Answer Awardi would reply "yeah i know im a level 50 warrior with the +10 Sword of The Emerald Sock Monkey, and the awesome armor of stealthyness, i would then stab him with a stick in the ribs intill he farts the alphebit backwards in spanish.- Insaneone

I deal with garbage wearing people every day of my life so I'm passed the uncomfortable moment when they approach you. I'd just give him a dollar and say, "buy some soap first and then we'll talk" wink back and go on my way.- TheBubble

I'd look in a specific area and tell them that they look a little small start laughing at them and walk off- xenelle

Good Answer AwardI throw myself against a wall and throw my money at them and scream like a little girl and say "Please don't rape me...I am a vulnerable and scared person." But before I do that I would ask them "Do you mean baseball, because I only play football. But you would not know any of them because you must be a bum. You know you don't own a T.V. I do! Thats why my life don't suck." Then again if I say that...the above might not happen. Hmm? I say this is a paradox. - Rice Crappy Treats

I'd do my best De Niro and respond " Are you talking to me...are You talking to ME??!!"- Poptart

Good Answer Awardi would look at the stats. simple as that. and if there were no stats on what ever to be shown, id throw a fit and egg him with porcypines i find conviently laying arounds the area.- Bobthemouse09

I'd ask if she was dating anyone at the moment.- fudge

give them a hug- bobtheimpalor

Good Answer AwardForce my eye to twitch, jump up and down, and run around the puked by a garbage stranger... say CHECKING STATS!!! NEGATIVE!!! NEGATIVE!!!!!!!! NO GEORGIE BOY I WILL FORNICATE WITH U..... NOOOO!!! - scatty

nothing, i live in the city crack heads are everywhere- dmx

I'd say hi dad.- iamzbob

ill punch him- marie

Good Answer AwardFirst of all, I was born without a sense of smell, so the foul smell wouldn't bother me. And seeing as that question is really random, I would probably reply with something like "Only if you sell me two bees for a quarter."- rachel

mumble something about the median and walk away- Coach

walk away....- ...

i'll kill him- hated

I would simply look right back at him and tell him that this is not a game. this is reality, but if you think this is a game, by the looks of it you lost about 80 rounds ago. then i would give him a $5 and tell him to go get some cloths and go to the YMCA and get a shower. then go apply for a job some where and get your ass of the street.- Ishkabilly

what stats?- NikosDad

I would say, "Hang on just a minute", go home, whip out my Super Soaker 100, head back and spray that smelly mother fucker with his worst enemy--WATER. Sure, the gun only squirts out a tiny stream of water, but I should be respected by going all old school on his ass.- McDiablo

knock him out and dump him in the garbage can- dawol


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