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You're in a public place and suddenly you start hearing a voice over a PA system. You can't quite make out everything that is being said, but you're pretty sure you've heard your name a few times, and something about how you're too ugly to be seen in public. You ask someone else if they heard what was being said, but they look at you like you're crazy and say they haven't heard anything. No matter where you go, you're hearing these strange muffled announcements that have your name in them, and it continues on for weeks. How do you deal with this?

Good Answer Award I'd legally change my name. Then the voices in my head would be talking to somebody else and they wouldn't bother me anymore. I'd have to be careful though, not to say my new name out loud in public or the voices might learn of it and start using it in the announcements. - foolinlove

simple i put ear plugs in to see if the voice is just in my head an donce i find out where its comeing from i stab it constantly intill it stops.- Insaneone

Have you ever seen Stranger Than Fiction? Cause I feel like you got this question from there. Now, had this really happened to me, cause of past, hallucinations of any kind fuck with my head so bad i'd prolly jump off the golden gate bridge. i bet the bay will muffle it completely then.- TheBubble

I turn around and slap the stalker following me and making the announcements with a restraining order- xenelle

Good Answer AwardI will go to the holiest church there is and try to enter. If I get repelled, I lock my self in a room and worship Satan and if I enter...I lock myself in a room and worship Satan. Or I could go to a psychiatrist and get some drugs to make the "voices go away" like a normal person... but then I won't have a reason to lock myself in a room and worship Satan.- Rice Crappy Treats

once again, hanging by guitar string comes to mind- Poptart

id just talk back and name the pa voice somthing gender according. like fred for a boy, lucy for a girl, and brad pitt in case its a tranny. then i would just say the same things it says to me right back for weeks on end untill it explodes or somthing.- Bobthemouse09

I'd poke hot spikes in m y ears so I can't hear anything anymore. If I can still hear the announcements at least I'll know they arn't real and can ignore them.- fudge

check into asylum- bobtheimpalor


more drugs- dmx

Self nmedicate with two beers, a shot, a bowl, and masturbation. Take Daily!- iamzbob

ignor it completly but if not i have know idea- marie

Heavy medication.- rachel

see a doctor or meditate- Coach

stay at home for a few days.- ...

do nothing- hated

This is part of every day insanity. i do nothing. i dont even tell my psych caus that will result in an increase of medication or another 6 months of solitary confinement- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardWait a minute...this does happen to me. Are you guys the ones who have been doing this?- Death

selective hearing- NikosDad

Good Answer AwardIs this my crazy brain pressuring me into wearing more makeup? WELL IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I will flaunt my ugly self every single day. The voices can't control me. They never have and I will not let them start now! However, once this PA system starts screaming, "The end is near! The end is near! You're all screwed, you insects!", I'll make my way to the nearest bomb shelter and laugh as everyone dies in the flames of the apocalypse.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardClean my ears out, clearly the voices inside have gotten restless. - can of dragons

ignore them- dawol


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