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Which yearly holiday do you hate the most and why do you think it should be wiped from the calendar?

Good Answer AwardMothers day is the worst. It isn't even a real holiday, just a marketing gimmick made up by halmark card company. Those slime bastards. They figured out the absolute largest market demographic on earth, everyone has a mother, and made it mandatory by guilt to buy crap for that occasion. Flowers, candy, greeting cards, jewelry, every item that has no practical purpose now has a fictitous reason the be purchased. It's the biggest scam since Christianity. It must have been thought up by Satan himself. Fuck you mothers day! - foolinlove

Good Answer AwardSweetest day for one reason and one reason only, the reason why ever hates it or well should and that is, because thats the one day out of the year where everyone, feels the need to leave their house get into their cars, and drive down the road till they find the store that they are looking for to get what they were going to give to their "sweety" well enough beating around the bush its the one day that people are refered to as candy sure you may get someone to "eat" you but thats not really the point of the holiday, its to get people to spend money on candy.- Insaneone

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm............................I love holidays, but I definitely think 4th of July for us american folks is lame, i really dont get it. its just another mentionable day in the history books but it shouldnt be held on a fucking pedastole every year like it is. but I wouldn't wipe it out cause aside from st patty's day, its the second best day to get shitty drunk of the year. so yay for that.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardValentine's Day as it has the least significance and implies that people need help being romantic- xenelle

Good Answer AwardThanksgiving. I mean no one cares about Thanksgiving. Think about it. No one wants to spend anymore time with their parent than they have to...unless they are dying or dead. When school gives breaks for this "Thanksgiving Holiday" it is like 2 days, probably 5 if it occurs before a weekend compared to Christmas which is about 2 weeks (same time a pregnancy leave at work...them corporate businesses!). People don't even remember Thanksgiving unless they are told about it or they accidentally see it on the calender. I know thats how I remembered Thanksgiving. - Rice Crappy Treats

Good Answer AwardChristmas because it's all about the wrongs things now. It brings out the worst in people, turns brats greedy little shits...the best kindness is random, not forced upon you by retail giants.- Poptart

Good Answer Awardmy birthday. i always try to slide by that time of year and lie my way out of having to do it, but each year one of my way too peppy friends remember and i get pulled into like 40 people screaming and throwing glitter and cake at me all day. then i feel bad when i blatantly ignore their birthdays. so birthdays in general, because having cake is fun, but seriously!!! where the fuck do people keep getting glitter to throw at me?!?!?!?! damn terrorists....- Bobthemouse09

talk like a pirate day (Sept 19th) pirates are gay - fudge

earth day- bobtheimpalor

HALLO-FUCKING-WEEN Bullshit little bastards in their little " I"m a Crack-Whore! " Outfit, begging big burly child molesting men for 'candy'...- scatty

christmas it makes working at the mall suck- dmx

Black History Month. Its predjudiced against all other races and there are no other ethnic history months.- iamzbob

none- marie

I hate Christmas. Honestly, I know thats strange. But it has always depressed me. I just think for people that don't have families or a lot of money or friends to exchange good times and gifts with, its probably very depressing. - rachel

Easter. celebrates death- Coach

valentines day whatsthe point.- ...

christmas, bacause i think santa's never existed- hated

Christmas. Because all that this holiday does is encourage a burst of spending that does nothing but aid in the downfall of the United States economy. the true meaning has been lost to the gluttony of materialism and the emotional disappointment expressed by family and friends when they don’t get EXACTLY what they asked for is a low blow to anyone’s self esteem- Ishkabilly

martin luther king day- NikosDad

At first, I thought "Christmas!", but I think I'm going to go with Easter. If you hate chocolate, then you'll hate Easter. If you hate the fact that Easter has become about a non-existant bunny delivering chocolate, then you'll hate Easter. If you're not a Christian, you won't be a fan of Easter. And, the shopping days leading up to Easter are crazier than Christmas as it's not as spread out. So, if you work in a store that sells Easter-ish items, you're screwed. So, yes, go away, Easter!- McDiablo

Actually there should be more holidays. More holidays where we get more days off from stupid classes that have no point to them. Like a holiday a week, even if the day is called "Happy Day" ... Day!- can of dragons

Christmas - it is the season for kids and shopkeepers, none of which is me- dawol


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