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What if you were told that this site was going offline forever and in a show of support, ALL the other sites you like were going offline as well. Would that finally force you to go out and get a life (don't pretend you already have one, we know the truth), or would you simply stay inside and cry until you became dehydrated and died right there in your seat?

Good Answer AwardI choose B, If the carpal tunnel syndrome and the nearsightedness and the hemmeroids haven't gotten me to change I'm not gonna be moved by the small inconvenience of losing all my favorite web sights. I hope you arn't talking about the Porn too. OMG! Not the porn! Thats it, not only would I die in this chair, I'd probably get a gun and blow my brains out due to the loss of all I hold dear. Don't think you can make me go outside and meet real people. I'll never do it. They are all inside websurfing and porn viewing anyway and don't want to be bothered.- foolinlove

Good Answer AwardOH OH OH i acually have a solution to this problem if this site ever has to go down for finacial reasoning, i would host it for free, thats right i can host websites, althou i wouldent know how to keep the url you currently use unless you went to to make it direct to me hosting it, but that is what i would do fo ALL the sites that would go down becasue sadly its simple to get all the code for a website, and no im not going to eplain how becasue someone wants to rebuild a site becasue they think it sucks, but yeah as i was saying i would most defenently host theinsanedomain for free, but if you said no to me hosting id probly hide under a blanket trying to wake up from the evil nightmare known as death of the internets.- Insaneone

Good Answer AwardI'd be devastated. I'd lead the petition and march to get it all back, banner in hand and all!- TheBubble

no as I already have a life- xenelle

I might...I can't believe I am saying this...Ge-e-et...Get a job...*Dum-Dum-Dum*- Rice Crappy Treats

I'd end it quickly....probably hang myself with a guitar string- Poptart

Good Answer Awardi think i would just resort to making the sites up agian. id still stay locked in my house and i would just make up my own horrible surveys and fill them out once a month. and instead of using hotmail to send messages id rely on my trusty flock of messenger pigeons to take to the skys and deliver all sorts of nasty messages to my local congress people. they would have no place to hide!!! and best of all, id still be a hermit!- Bobthemouse09

Hurray, I hate this site.- fudge

get a life- bobtheimpalor

I'd probably CRY until I became dehydrated and died right here in the Information Sciences Building Library. hahaha- scatty

second one...- dmx

I'd go back to my life of mass murder and TV evangelism. - iamzbob

nop none dont know...- marie

Probably die.- rachel

yes- Coach

i donno, i wouldent really care much.- ...

i'll kill you, i know voodoo- hated

Good Answer AwardTruth be told if this site went down I would shed a single tear of remorse then and like always when I need this site (such as when a relationship falls through again) I will be very disappointed and possibly emo like with fire. But the more likely reaction would be of rage where I would destroy nearby items fallowed by a mad "Drive" up to Canada to give JCP a little visit....- Ishkabilly

i refuse to answer- NikosDad

Good Answer AwardI would be sad if this site went offline. Are you trying to tell us something??? I hope not! I think I can live without my other beloved sites like Facebook, but I would probably miss sites that I like to buy things from. And my beloved webcomics (like White Ninja Comics and...uh...Dr. McNinja). But, again, I think I'd live. It might motivate me to do things like write, go outside, or ninja in the night. But, for now, I'll enjoy wasting my time in the wide world of the interweb.- McDiablo

i would get a life- dawol


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