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April Fools Day seems to be a dying trend.
When was the last time you pulled a prank on April 1st, or had someone pull one on you?

Good Answer AwardNobody cares enough to play a prank on me. I have no friends and everyone hates me. So I play pranks on myself. Last week I went out and put peanut butter under the door handle of my car so when I went out in the morning to go to work I would get it on my hand and be really pissed off and not know who did it to me.- foolinlove

well considering that alof of my friends are a bit dead in the head, they try to pull pranks on me on every day except april first i dont know why maybe they have some sort of tumor that causes them to sleep all day durring april first because i never seem to see them on that day.- Insaneone

Just four days ago my lil sister got me. She be me best friend ya know, and she recently took this kid's virginity after only knowing him a week, then two days later decided she didnt want to be with him(i know i know, but the question isn't about my lil sis' morals or lack there of) and he keeps calling, cussing at her, saying he's gonna kill himself, blah blah know virgins. Well I was getting out of the shower and she runs into the bathroom, "OMG Dj put himself in the hospital over me!" and yeah..i believed her. it wasn't the best prank but for one second i looked at my little sister like the lowest whore in the world. ahh, priceless.- TheBubble

Never- xenelle

Good Answer AwardThe last time I April fooled someone was 1945. I told Hitler that that mustache of his was looking nice and he went to a meeting. Everyone laughed at him and threw all sorts of stuff at him. Then he killed himself. Now that I think about it...I might have been...a bit...WHOA CAKE! What was I going to say again? I think was actually going to show sympathy...must have been gas.- Rice Crappy Treats

I can't even remember either or.....- Poptart

april first of some year i think. or maybe it was the second. yes i remember it now. it was the second. of course then i was just being an asshole and not trendy.- Bobthemouse09

pull my finger- fudge

last April fools day- bobtheimpalor

I dont know- scatty

i ahve no clue- dmx

I phones my ex wife and said i got herpes from her and that she needs to get checked out.Three days later i told her it was a joke. Thats what she gets for cheatingon me with a high schooler.- iamzbob

last year- marie

Good Answer AwardI actually pulled a prank April 1st 2k8. I work at a deli, and we happened to be extremely busy that day. Me and the dude I was working with, lets call him John, decided we should pull a prank on our coworker, lets call him Rob. So we call up Rob, no answer. He calls back, and in a panic I ask where he is. He replies hes out on a date with his girlfriend. Perfect. So I tell him that John was slicing tomatoes and cut a portion of his finger off in the slicer. He arrived later on, with his girlfriend, face red and a nervous look on his face. When he went in the back to put on his uniform, John popped out of the freezer and put ice down his back. - rachel

20 yrs ago- Coach

uh...never!- ...

on april 28, several minutes ago- hated

Its not April 1st it is April 2nd April 1st was yesterday, February 29th is a hoax by the government to make you think there is a “freeday” every four years when actually there is none and the year is actually 2006.- Ishkabilly

thi year- NikosDad

Good Answer AwardMy mom always pulls lame pranks like, "What is that on your face?" or "It snowed last night" and then laughs when I go to check. So, unfortunately, in my house the trend of pulling a prank on April 1st is not going away anytime soon. However, I think the best thing my mom did was take some of my dad's clothes, stuff them, and leave them at the bottom of the stairs in such a way that it looked like my dad had taken a tumble. Okay...actually, that's pretty messed up. Do you see what I have to put up with??- McDiablo

10 years ago- dawol


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