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If I told you I knew the future, would you pay me gobs of money to tell you information
or do you prefer to live blissfully unaware of your impending horrible, screaming, bloody death?

i think that i would like to know, nut it would probabbly not be very good for the world if i knew i was going to die. i would find out when i was going to die and a week before, get greased up and jump into a turkish prison and then when i have collected all the stds possible, i would jump off the empire state building scattering all of my toxic blood amungst the people so thaat they spread it and i bring the world down with me. that it it would be really fun to be considered a human biohazard.- bobthemouse09

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....are you just tring to freak me out or did you have a question to ask me?- Tiki

Good Answer AwardIf you told me you knew the future and asked me for money to tell me then I would know you are a liar because you would know I wouldn't give you my money if you were really able to see the future. Well then maybe you did know I wouldn't give you money and you were trying to change the future and trick me into giving you money. But then that would mean you couldn't really see the future. But then again maybe the future isn't really locked in stone so you could change it. If it were unchangeable then we would have no free will. Quantum physics requires the uncertainty principle proving the future isn't predictable, so you must be lying. I'm getting a headache from this. But wait, are you saying that you only know (or will tell me just)the future of how I am going to die? Who would pay money for that? Given the previous argument If you could truly see the future then we couldn't change the time or nature of our death as forseen and the information would be of no use other than to cause terrible fear of our impending doom. It's a trick. I would kill you on the spot. If you were telling the truth then you would have avoided asking me because you would know what I would do to you, so be killing you I prove you were lying. So there, take that. HA! I win, but then I will get taken to jail and fucked in the ass for the rest of my life. I bet you knew that already. - monkeydong

i'd pay you the money to scare my idiot brother with his impending horrible, screaming, bloody death...- shari

hell no i dont want to know- sYKOTICKANDI

Well, shit. You just told me I was gonna die. For free. I don't need to give you anything! Moron!- idontmindthesunsometimes

I'll remain unaware- Thal

if you love me you'd tell me !- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'm fine with not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. Really, it's cool. That's why I tend not to answer the "where do you see yourself in 10 years" question. Truth is, I have no idea. I haven't planned my life to a T. Why should I? That would be boring, not to mention disappointing. So, take your knowledge of my future and just keep it to yourself, please. If I'm to die by being stampeded to death by a heard of cows then so be it. - McDiablo

unaware- Glitch

If you knew the future you should make money from gambling, not making pathetic outragous threats to innocent folk such as myself. You have greatly offended me so I wont tell you about what I predict will happen to you next week (unless you give me 10 billion dollars!)- Fredward

Good Answer Awardthat depends. if you tell me i get ice cream treats in the future, id invest a ton of money in you and then when i finally do get ice cream i would share. but only if it isn't strawberry..... MY BERRIES!!!!! BACK OFF YOU RABID LEECHES!!!!- yayphish

Good Answer AwardI think I'd prefer to not know that I was going to die. If I found out, I think that I would go crazy watching and waiting for the signs that my death was approaching. But then again, if I knew I could try and prevent it... But then again, that would only mean that then I'd be obsessed with stopping my death... You know what? I think I'll just solve everything and commit suicide now.- narcoticsunshine

See, when you know that your future holds something horrible, you'll spend the rest of your life trying to avoid it... and then end up causing it to happen BY trying to avoid it. I quite like being blissfully unaware, thanks.- bluemonkeyfearer

How many gobs?- Dumbass

Now, if said horrible, screaming, bloody death involves exploding or death by zombies, I MAY want to see it. You just have to promise you'll paste some celebrity's head over mine. Maybe Jonny Depp, he's evil, right?- Streak9

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