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It's poker time. You've been dealt a King of spades and an eight of spades.
There is a three of hearts, a seven of spades and a six of spades showing on the table.
Do you bet everything you've got, fold or somehow karate kick your way out of the situation?

well i think that i would threaten to karate chop everyone if they didnt give me thae cards on the table and then i would eat them and ask for more. i would do this untill all the cards, with the exception of mine are gone so that i am automatically the winner.- bobthemouse09

I say, "Dude. I got a serious prob. I can't do this any more. I give up. my life.. it is worthless." then make a dramatic exit and jump off a bridge.- Tiki

kill everyone at the table and take their money.- monkeydong

i flash the rest of the players and steal the pot when whilst they are always works- shari


fold- Thal

That depends if Ver is at the table....if he's not I bet the farm !- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'd take out a deck of cards from my pocket, ask my fellow players if they've ever played '52 Pick Up' and dump all the cards on the table. Then I'd run out with...well, preferably a large sum of money, but it would probably end up being a tapdancing dog. Don't ask. It makes sense. Really, it does. Well, it does if you don't think too hard about it.- McDiablo

bet everything- Glitch

Good Answer AwardAs I don't know how to play poker I would need to improvise. I would fold my cards in half then pick up the person sat next to me and raise them above my head. I'd slam them to the table to knock them out cold. Next a quick jump on the table and karate kick decapitation to all other players. I would rather kill than be beaten at poker, I never part easily with my matchsticks!- Fredward

Good Answer Awardwell this one is soooo obvious! i would deffinatly pull a jackie chan and karate chop the nearest person and steal his or her cards. ill continue doing this untill i have a good hand. after i win all the poker money i would buy a poodle and force it to play poker and win me more money.- yayphish

Good Answer AwardI put in everything I've got and triumphantly announce that I have a royal flush or whatever nonsense crap poker is made up of. Everyone I'm playing with will be so amazed that I used a poker term that they will not notice that I may or may not be right. And then I'd hurry to claim my winnings before anyone noticed.- narcoticsunshine

I could just be boring and tell you that I'd fold in that kind of situation. And since my creativity seems to have died slightly on account of working in retail, I think I will. If you come and burn down the Alco Discount Store, it may help me to regain my creative thoughts.- bluemonkeyfearer

Fold- Dumbass

I would fold, and as my opponent puts down his cards, I would drop kick him, laugh maniacally, and go eat a muffin.- Streak9

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