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What movie do you hope they never re-make because it's perfect the way it is?
(But you KNOW someone will and they'll make it horrible.)

little nicky. i know that eventually someone will fuck up this great movie. not because the movie has all that great of a plot or anything, but it is just so easilly quoteable that everyone on the face of the earth would recognize it and people would mindlessly buy tickets just to be able to say the same lines that have been repeated since like 201 or somewhere around then. "POPPIES CHICKEN IS FUCKIN AWSOME!"- bobthemouse09

I claim stonity. I can not answer this question because of the mass ammounts of coke and fizzy drinks and umm... bah!too much teewa- Tiki

Soylent Green of course, It was the most accurate future dystopian nightmare movie and Charlton heston at his best. Well, Charlton Heston only had one style so all his movies were his best. "Soylent Green is peeeeeeeople!"- monkeydong

Good Answer Awardidk- sYKOTICKANDI

Hairspray! Oh shit...nevermind. Chakushin Ari (One Missed Call)! Fuck...nevermind that either. There's no point. Hollywood will ultimately run completely out of original ideas and thus remake every film ever made, completely shaming everything that was good about the original.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Tombstone- Thal

This Is Spinal Tap- Poptart

Good Answer AwardHasn't every movie been remade? And hasn't that remake been based on a book? And hasn't that book been revised from its original version? Yeah. Nothing is original anymore. There are no more original ideas. Everything is just copies of one another. It kind of sucks. Lack of creativity sucks. Pirates suck. I think I've covered most of the world's "sucks."- McDiablo

army of darkness - Glitch

I don't believe that any movie should be remade. It shows a lack of creativity. Directors should be writing new movies not copying movies that already exist and changing little bits. - Fredward

Good Answer Awardwell, i would have to say monty pithon and the holly grail. it is so funny and so quoteable, you know someone will try and make some kind of money off it..... WHY?!?!?!?! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!- yayphish

Good Answer AwardHow about they stop making BOOKS into movies? Because they all suck at it. The only two books that they turned into movies that didn't get completely mangled were The Lord of the Rings and The DaVinci Code. The Harry Potter books, Eragon, etc... The books are perfect!!!! Don't kill them by making them into movies.- bluemonkeyfearer

The Royal Tenenbaums- Dumbass

Good Answer AwardSpace Jam. Not so much because its perfect, but if they remake it, it will be horrible as sin. And chances are it will cause the death of humanity, I don't know how.. But it will. Trust me.- Streak9

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