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We're living in the future and we all have to wear boring military uniforms.
Sure, JCP looks awesome in hers, but yours needs a bit of personality so you don't look so dumpy.
How do you add FLARE to your uniform?

well, i would just grow a long beard and let all sorts of animalds from the forests of the future come live in it so that the people in charge cant say im breaking some rule, because i cant help it if a beaver or rabbid raccoon take up residence in my fablous beard.- bobthemouse09

Well, I look awesome in most millitary uniforms. but as long as JCP has the title of awesome then I guess I'll have to go with coloring it with highlighters. (but I still look awesome.. just no one knows)- Tiki

Tie dye it in green red and blue, with a little orange and yellow.- monkeydong

Good Answer Awardsequins always add a nice touch, and i'd pattern mine to read viva espana, as a nod to spain, which i've never been to. humans skulls can also give your ensemble that 'don't mess with me bitch or i'll knife you' vibe...but if human heads are had to come by in your area, i find that shark teeth can still get the point across nicely. finaly, as the focal point of your outfit, a nice christmas brooch, to bring out the colour in your eyes, no matter the colour- shari


I do just that: I add pieces of Flair to my uniform. ;-)- idontmindthesunsometimes

A bright sash- Thal

Good Answer AwardOh medals !! Lots and lots of medals...I'll look like the King of some tiny country you've never heard of before- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'd put a pylon on my head and start wearing it as a hat. Actually, I'd just start wearing random hats. I'm really not one to go overboard with flare, so that would be my way of looking less like a hobo. Okay, sure, a pylon hat may scream "HOBOSEXUAL", but I don't care. If that kid in 'Hot Fuzz' can wear it on his head and get away with it, then by golly, so can I! - McDiablo

a gigantic skull- Glitch

Good Answer AwardI would get inside the suit then sew up all the holes so I would be trapped inside. Then I would get a friend to sew sock monkey eyes and ears onto the uniform. I would then be a living sock monkey. For an extra FLARE I might even get some military standard issue flares inside the suit to light while I am inside it.- Fredward

Good Answer Awardhow would i add flare to my uniform? with flares obviously! i would tie a ton of road flares to myself and run around screaming untill someone put them out. then i would wait an hour and then repeat.- yayphish

Good Answer AwardBits of human flesh. It'd make for an interesting conversation starter as well. "What's that sewn on your sleve?" "Oh this? This is the piece of my neighbor's little demon down the street that I saved as a momento after I stripped the flesh from his bones the last time he got on my nerves. I can get you some if you'd like. There's a particularly annoying kid who lives three blocks from me that I've been trying to find an excuse to destroy."- narcoticsunshine

I'd add FLARE to my uniform... quite literally. I'd set it on fire. BURN, bitch, burn!- bluemonkeyfearer

Epaulets, a ten foot muffler- Dumbass

Good Answer AwardI will decorate it in BLOOD. But some gold trim can't hurt, and maybe some flame decals on the helmet, boots, or I could paint it on the uniform. No, better yet, flaming sock monkies on the uniform. Yes. That will rule.- Streak9

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