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What is the strangest thing you've thrown into a campfire?
And no, other humans don't count, no matter how strange you think they are/were.

well i think the most strange is kind of a boring question, but id have to say a jockstrap(dont ask because beleive mre, you dont want to know where i found it or how i ended up holding it. the most fun thing i have ever thrown into a campfire was coffee creamer. go ahead. try it. take a hand full of dry powder coffee creamer and throw it into the flames.- bobthemouse09

well, if humans don't count........ who knows you name it, I've thrown it in a camp fire. all sorts of dishware, tar paper.. haha.. that was cool. maybe... dead chicken!! yeah. thats prolly the strangest thing.. a dead chicken. and it began to roast! hahahaha.. don't try this unless the chicken is already dead from a natural way of death tho. - Tiki

does poop count? Glass bottle to watch it melt. Tissue with goo in it. live ammunition. (wow its like popcorn) - monkeydong


Good Answer AwardI've thrown an English textbook into a bonfire, if that counts. it was my way of saying "fuck you" to all things intelligent and intellectually stimulating. Because honestly, where will THAT get you in this world?- idontmindthesunsometimes

dirty dishes- Thal

A tent- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI do go camping a lot, but I don't often throw weird things into the campfire. We throw in whatever is available just to see what it looks like as it burns. The coolest things to throw into the fire are marshmallows. They turn into these crazy looking blobs before burning into black nothingness. That's right, NOTHINGNESS. When you throw a marshmallow into the campfire, you create a black hole. There may or may not be scientific evidence to prove this. Yup.- McDiablo

beer- Glitch

Good Answer AwardI've never thrown strange things into a campfire but I have burned strange things. At bonfire night when I was younger I used to go for a bonfire in my grandparents garden. I used to get bean-poles and hang a flowerpot on the end. I would then hang the flowerpot in the fire and watch it slowly melt into a wierd liquid with green flames coming off of it. I burned all the empty flowerpots then starting emptying plants onto the floor to burn those flowerpots.- Fredward

Good Answer Awardwow, these are getting harder..... how can i narrow it down to one thing? ill do my best. hmmmm. i think it might have been my used gum collection. i used to collect gum in a little jar to see how much i could get. when it started to mold, the other people i live with insist4ed i threw it away. i refused and they started trying to steal it so i threw it in a fire so they wouldnt try and get it. i then remembered that peanut butter jars tend to melt. well crap.... that worked real well.....- yayphish

Good Answer AwardI don't think I've ever thrown anything strange into a campfire... I mean there was this one time at summer camp where I led the other girls to rebel against The Man and we shaved the heads of those in the resistance and threw their hair into a fire and then danced naked around it, chanting our victory chant... But that wasn't a campfire, it was our rebel fire. Really, they're not the same thing.- narcoticsunshine

My boyfriend emptied his oil drip pan into the campfire. Blackened oil + fire = disturbing. I think we roasted hot dogs on that fire shortly thereafter. mmm.... oily burnt weiners.- bluemonkeyfearer

Cigars- Dumbass

Good Answer AwardWell, strangest thing I've thrown into a campfire is probably women's underwear, there's a very long story to explain it, but I was immense pain for sometime afterwards. But they burn pretty well..- Streak9

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