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Isn't it great that all the brats are going back to school this month?

Good Answer AwardYES!!!!!!! i am sick of hearing crap on the news about how there has been an increase of vandalism and shit like that! NO FUCK SHIT GETS VANDALIZED WHEN THERE ARE A COUPLE THOUSAND KIDS RUNNING RAMOPANT FOR A FEW MONTHS!!!!!! its this kind of shit that makes me want to egg the news buildings.....- bobthemouse09

haha.. yeah. I can go shopping safly! without all the lil butt wipes screaming. My street has returned to being quiet(until 3 that is.) - Tiki

Good, I hope they really hate school and bullies pick on the little shitters. What about the bullies? The bullies get shit on by their parents, thats why the're bullies.- monkeydong


NO! The fucking school buses are INVADING my neighborhood and the surrounding areas, thus increasing the traffic AND my homicidal rage.- idontmindthesunsometimes

YES!- Thal

Good Answer AwardYAY !!!! Now they're herded together for easy irratication !! joking...we'll need people in the future to work at Tim Horton's and the like. Though I think parents and authorities should not be so over protective of the kids, let them try stupid skateboard tricks, play on busy streets take drugs in elementary. Hopefully it'll thin out the stupid ones - Poptart

Good Answer AwardWell, I'm one of those brats, so I have to say that it kind of sucks. Oh well, at least I don't have to get up at 7am everyday just to go to math class. I have NO math classes in College-land. That's right, I sneer in the face of math. Instead, I'm taking cool courses about the study of dead bodies and the insanity that is the human brain. Oh, and I'm in a class where we just watch movies half the time. Take that, high school!- McDiablo

yes- Glitch

What do you mean 'all the brats'? I am a brat and I have finished school so will not be going back there. I would agree that all schoolchildren and teachers are brats but there are others not going back to school.- Fredward

hells yea! raise the roof! woot! woot! now they wont come to my work and insist on eating the dog food and playing with the puppies!- yayphish

Good Answer AwardNot really. Now they'll just be bitter and take that bitterness out on the world by doubling the petty crime and gang related violence. And when the little darlings are suspected, their parents will cry foul and be absolutely horrified that anyone could say anything bad about their precious little baby. Well you know what, that monster that you somehow managed to concieve is a disgrace to the human race and if it doesn't knock it off I'll be sure you find it over the course of the next three years in pieces in your dinner. *Mutters on about kids these days*- narcoticsunshine

I suppose so. I'm slightly jealous. I should be in college. But instead, at 19 years old, I'm living in a shitty 2-bedroom trailer house and working in retail, taking responsibity for both myself, and my 26-year old boyfriend. Go back to school, kids. If you don't.... you'll end up like me. v_v- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer AwardNo, you're being age discriminatory. This is a complex and interesting phenomena which applies not only to age but to experience. In fact, it is likely that age is merely used as an indicator of experience, excluding of course, the very young. If you're referring to elementary schoolers and younger, then I hope you are not a parent.- Dumbass

Good Answer AwardYes, now I don't have anyone reporting my somewhat illegal activities to the infamous "grown-ups."- Streak9

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