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There was an old lady who swallowed a fly;
I don't know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she'll die.
Do YOU think she'll die and if so, do you think it was caused by her swallowing the fly?

She'll die of course, and it wont be from the Fly. Its from what came after the fly. It was probably Laura Gemser from the film "Emanuelle in America" and she would have died from swallowing all that love juice because she's such a big slutty whore. Boy she went through alot of flies in her movies.- Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

Good Answer AwardI think it was caused by the dementia that convinced her it was a good idea to swallow the horse to eat the cow that was meant to eat the goat that was meant to eat the dog that was meant to eat the cat that was meant to eat the bird that was meant to eat the spider that was meant to eat the fly. But I don't know why she swallowed the fly.- Mzebonga

nah she won't die. i've swallowed most everything bug like and i'm still fine. - ru

Good Answer AwardYeah, she choked to death and the vultures ate her.- Kattish

well i think shell die. because of her age. it cearly states that she is an OLD lady and even if she want old, everyone dies eventually. and i mean the fly could have had a deseise or something.....- frumpy chicken

I think the fly will lay eggs in her throat and get stuck and she'll choke. She probably swallowed it because she fell asleep while playing bingo and was snoring.- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardObviously she was already dead to have swallowed this "fly” Because the "fly" was not swallowed but rather it climbed down her throat through her hung open mouth. With her being previously dead in her rocking chair her mouth had fallen open and the "fly" entered the body. It wasn't until 3 days after the hag's death that they noticed the "fly" because by that time there were many "flies" around her and that is how they were able to make the prediction of the "fly" killing her when really they were wrong and it was the old lady's heart that gave when she saw the hot male nurse shirtless outside the window of her nursing home.--- If I only had a navel....

well,,i think she'll's are totally full of icky stuff..eww..*shudder*- hersheycookies

She'll die, but not from the fly.- Forgetful Fancypants

Good Answer AwardShe will die (as we all will) as they fly will lay eggs in her intestinal tract and the resulting maggot infestion will eat through her acrid elderly gut in double quick time. I give her a week at best!- I love asses without names

This story clearly leaves out the bit where, an hour before swallowing the fly, she had stolen a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, and consumed it because she was a crazy old lady. The police came around looking for her because they saw her take it but decided to watch her in amusement to see what she planned on doing. They followed her home, but she didn't know they had seen her so she swallowed a fly because it was a cover story for the cheesecake. - Sans de brains

I hope she dies... Stupid bitch and her dumbass song.- Mzebonga

No, but she should shut up sometimes.- beau

yes i think she'll die! actually i know she'll die(im a step ahead of you people and read the spark notes report on it! bwahhahaha)it is very clear that the freak has a severe case of pica and needs to be stopped before she gets to the bird or the cat or the dog or the goat or the cow or the horse or...... O GOD! THE OLD LADY IS REALLY ROSIE O DONNEL! SAVE MY REFRIDGERATOR!- bobthemouse09

she didnt noticed- mokka

she'll die of old age.- maskXIII

She will definately die because I'm the only one that will live for ever. Its not because of her swallowing the fly though.- Moofafa


Good Answer Awardshe wnt die if she swallows a spider to eat the fly- crazy50pence

Good Answer AwardI have to make a side note about this whole thing: I work in a bookstore. One day, a woman returned this book because she was quite put off that the old lady died at the end. Uh. Yeah. Old people tend to do that. Especially if they swallowed a hell of a lot of shit. I bet that woman wouldn't have liked to know that the "Ring Around the Rosie" song is actually about the bubonic plague. "They all fall down....DEAD!" Over-protective parents need to calm down and realize their kids aren't going to turn out to be terrible adults just because they read about an old lady who swallowed a fly. I mean, I read a ton of Robert Munsch books and I turned out just fine!...depending on who you talk to.- McDiablo

She'll die, of course, by choking on that big horses dick at the end of the song.- Beetle

Ofv course she'll die. Because she's old. And human. The fly had nothing to do with it.- Zarn

Oh, she'll die, but she'll just unload that fly on the unsuspecting sewers in a week. Chances are it'll be from a heart attack simply because, imagine, what kind of old lady would eat a fly? Obviously, she's insanely fat and simply eats everything, whether that is a table, a lamp, or, lo and behold, a fly!- Streak9

oh hell no, she didn't die. She gagged a bit, eventually spitting up the fly. She blushed though, having been giving her priest head at the time...then she gagged again- Poptart

No she won't die... but she may get a disease!- Josh

i think the damn fly poisioned her and the only way she could keep alive was to eat animals to increase her body weight so the poision would have more of her to kill. it was strong poision so eating a cow would have seemed like a good idea at the time.- fatty

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