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If life is discovered on another planet, do you think we should send them a muffin basket,
some cheeses and a balloon to say hello or just wait until they send us something?

Good Answer AwardIf we wait for the Aliens to send something you can bet it would be poisoned in order to exterminate us. They must be watching our TV signals and be aware that we are the Vermin of the Universe, best avoided or even attacked in order to protect the rest of the universe before we get off the planet and start our dirty buisiness out in the rest of the Galaxy. No, we should send them something first. How about a Saturn V rocket with a capsule containing Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheny. They can do with them whatever they like as long as they don't send them back here. That may be a bit risky though as the Aliens might consider it a hostile act, or even a form of littering, I mean who would want our garbage anyway. (If anyone from Homeland Security is reading this its only a joke, you know Parody, It used to be allowed under the U. S. constitution). Better yet Your idea sounds good. We should attach a letter of apology and a plea not to kill us all just for being human. If they wait long enough we'll probably do ourselves in anyway. - Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

I think it would be better for me to discover life on this planet first.- Mzebonga

yeah man. neighbors should be hospitable. that way when they decide to take over, they'll remember that we were nice to them in the first place and they might reconsider?- ru

Send them a selection of fine cheeses from Wisconsin.- Kattish

I'm going to say no. Because -- the cheese would grow mould during its trip to the new planet and who wants to have penicillin as a welcoming present?- oxie

well... what if ther hostile? i think we should send then greeting cards and if ther nice then send them a fruit basket- frumpy chicken

Good Answer AwardWe should give them alcohol, and hope that they are funny drunks.- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardI would so be the over the top neighbor that brings cookies and jellies, bakes casseroles for them, invite them and force them to come to lame barbeques, watch them through my high powered telescope and stalk them when ever they leave the house. I would make the perfect disturbing/annoying neighbor! And if they were ever rude I could just fire a nuclear missile at their planet and kill them all and teach them a lesson. Always love your neighbors ;) -- - If I only had a navel....

Just wait..they might get aggravated or sumthin..- hersheycookies

Start with a postcard.- Forgetful Fancypants

If life is discovered on another planet I think they'll screen their calls from us! I know I would!- I love asses without names

definitely send a basket of goodies. it's just proper neighbour-ness, and the new life-forms may be shy... or plotting to fry us, so it's better to be safe than sorry.- shari

Send the muffins and the ballons. I want the cheese. Let's make nachos or pizza and wait for the aliens to kill everyone.- Mzebonga

I say we send them democrats- beau

well, i would never send them muffins because they would be eaten before i got them to the mail, but i would send them cheeses and a ballon. but what if they think the balloon is a helium bomb and the cheese contains a virus to wipe them out in modern day warfare. i think some piece of technowlegy to show we are superior would be better. perhaps an atom bomb would be best....- bobthemouse09

obsolutely- mokka

have a mutual agreement- maskXIII

Send them a basket.- Moofafa

Good Answer AwardCommunication must be established first. Gifts of minerals or some sort of cultural icon that would not be viewed as any threat… if this does not work. Evaluate there threat level and take appropriate actions, Annihilation is an option.- Ishkabilly

wait- crazy50pence

Good Answer AwardI'd send them some carrots and all the people on my hit list with instructions to shove the carrots into every opening on their body. Hmm, or maybe I'd just send them some William Blake poetry--from "Songs of Innocence and Experience"--so they can understand both sides of human nature to ready them before they step onto our shoddy little planet and look upon us with disappointment.- McDiablo

Aliens don't like muffins, they prefer a fruit basket. If they're camping on the moon they are probably disappointed that it isn't made of cheese so we better send some gouda and cammenbert. The cheep bastards probably wouldn't send anything anyway so we'd be waiting forever. - Beetle

None of the above. WE must send Condolissa Rice to negotiate. - Zarn

Good Answer AwardWell, if H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov have anything to say about, the aliens will send a freaking plasma nuke or some unbelievably sophisticated bomb/missile flying at us from across space and blow our homely little planet into a bunch of flaming pieces. So, honestly, I would recommend you send them a muffin basket with cheese and balloons, maybe even with some complementary soaps thrown in.- Streak9

Good Answer Awardabsolutely, a gift basket is the least we can give them. We should throw in some disease infested blankets too...seemed to work for the Brits/French/Canadians and Americans! sigh- Poptart

Wait on them to blow us up!- Josh

an explosive balloon filled with muffins and cheese!- fatty

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