Results for October 2007
Awards given out by JCP

JCP wants to hear something new that doesn't suck.
What song by what artist do you suggest she listen to that you think ROCKS?

(No good awards were given out because she's got to find the songs and listen to them.)

I'm not going to answer that question because 1. I havn't heard anything like that, and B. I wouldn't tell you if I did.- Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

Good Answer Award"The Pretender" by The Foo Fighters. But she doesn't like it right now.- Mzebonga

anything by the new pornographers or wir sin helden- ru

Ummmmm, check out Amy Winehouse's version of Valerie.- Kattish

glamourous rock and roll - the killers- frumpy chicken

Stiff Kittens by Blaqk Audio off of their CD CexCells OR Venus in Furs ORRRR Charles Manson's music. Its sad that it doesn't suck, G&R covered a song or two of his.- MaximeDemon

I listen to rather weird artists that have strange but HILARIOUS lyrics so if that is what you are in the mood for that then I suggest that you try The Ghost of Corporate Future, Us, or Sailor Song all by Regina Spektor. She is a stellar artist that has very entreating songs beats/melodies and of course weird lyrics. Weezer's Make Believe album also has many noteworthy songs for amusement and Avenue Q soundtrack has a horde of comical songs!--- If I only had a navel....

Good Answer AwardWho's JCP?- hersheycookies

Someone's Gotta Get Their Heads to Believe in Something- Forgetful Fancypants

Anything by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins!- I love asses without names

dyer maker by led zeppelin is the sexiest song ever written...but if you want to expand your horizons a little... try 'jumbie' by machel montano HD.- shari

Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf- beau

hmm... well i think that flogging molly's raise what's left of the flag for me is pretty awsome! or prehaps the munchies by the kottonmouth kings.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer Awardnothing- mokka

deftones:back to school- maskXIII

I wanna fuck you -- Acon- Moofafa

Rocks? I prefer Breaking Benjamin. But if you want a funny new song about how a AI laughs at you because you died in the attempt of killing it then here. - Ishkabilly

the twenies by the tweenies- crazy50pence

I just downloaded--uhh, I mean bought the Team Sleep album. Don't be fooled by the lame band name, their stuff is pretty good. It's experimental rock-electronica stuff, but if you like the Deftones you might appreciate Chino Moreno's presence on vocals. I wouldn't say this stuff ROCKS because, to me, that is something that gives you the excuse to bust a badass move when you think no one is watching. Team Sleep is pretty relaxing, but it sends you into another world. And that's always fun.- McDiablo

Plan Nine by the Pajama Slave Dancers- Beetle

Yellow fever in the cat's eye [peter hammill- vdgg]- Zarn

Good Answer AwardWell, should I suggest something that doesn't suck?- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI have nothing.....I'd say one of my songs but, they suck- Poptart

BuckCherry - Crazy Bitch- Josh

Good Answer Awardgo listen to the rocky horror picture show sound track. wtf?- fatty

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