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While exploring a strange new planet, a strange sort of alien attaches itself to your face.
(You should have worn your helmet.) It's trying to take over your body so it can start taking ballet lessons, and you're just not in the mood to put on a tutu skirt. Sadly, the alien wins and you're forced to obey. The only thing you get to do is decide what sort of costume and tutu skirt you'd like to wear.
What will your costume look like and will you stick with a pink tutu skirt at all?

Good Answer AwardDefinatly pink, I mean if I have to wear a tutu I want it to look good. A really short skirt with ruffles that will let my hairy butt cheeks stick out a little. I'll have to wear a supporter to keep the boys from dangling about as well. The top should be low cut with thin straps and no back, I don't depilitate so I want all the fir to show. For headgear I'd like to go with a Greek style and have an olive leaf tiarra and maybe a few butterflies carefully mounted on the top of it. Mind you, I'm not Gay or anything, in fact the thought of sucking a big Italian sausage just turns my stomach, but if an Alien attaches itself to my face and takes over my brain to force me to dance ballet, well I guess things could be worse, so I might as well go along with it and make the best of things. - Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

This would never happen: I always want to wear a tutu skirt. I vote for a green costume with an extra wide frill. And leggings. MUST HAVE LEGGINGS.- Mzebonga

my costume will look like chewbaca- ru

Head-to-toe black leotard, with a neon green sharpened tutu.- Kattish

Please, everyone knows that if aliens want to exert mind control over guys, they should try attaching themselves lower down... - yankydoodle

well id wear a black body sute lol with like a black tutu lol and like itd be cool id have ballet connies yeah lol and like a cat ears headband lol id be cool- frumpy chicken

No I'll wear a blue leotard and a silk skirt like I did when I took ballet when I was ten. It was a pretty blue. But I would have probably worn my helemt either way.- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardWell the alien choose the wrong body to over take because I must be the most uncoordinated and out of shape person there is, that being an understatement. So with my "capable" abilities of dance the only part and costume I think he could get would be the fat ugly rats in Nutcracker because that is the only costume that will fit my fat body. Ha ha he he the alien loses cause I am fa-at!-- - If I only had a navel....

Yes, i will stick with the pink's very cute..!- hersheycookies

Good Answer AwardProbably Q-Bert-esque, or maybe how Lois dressed like Grimace in Family Guy- Forgetful Fancypants

Full body fishnet and black Goth Tutu!- I love asses without names

first off...i remember fighting my mother off when SHE tried to make me do ballet. And if my mother couldn't win, i don't see how an alien could. so this question doesn't apply to me...- shari

Good Answer AwardIt sounds a lot like visiting JCP in Canada. That being the case: the offer of a choice is just a cruel joke and the opposite will be enforced. Therefore, I decline to choose.- Mzebonga

Pink tutu and pink halter top.- beau

Good Answer Awardpsh! a tutu? no way1 my girlish figure cant fit tastefully into somthing like that! instead i would wear a three piece spandex bikini with bright blue poka dots and stripes of pink and the background color would be plastic wrap. but first, i'd have to convince the alein to invent the three piece bikini!- bobthemouse09

yes- mokka

Good Answer Award?- maskXIII

My costume would have to be black leather and hooker boots. If I could get the tutu in black and I'm so horribly intoxicated then I might keep the tutu but not bloody likely.- Moofafa

And I quote Barnie from Half-Life 2 “GET THIS HEAD HUMPER OFF ME GORDAN!” Head crabs…. Weather you have the normal type. Fast or poisons… they should not be turned into pets and they hate hair. - Ishkabilly

id have a white leotard with a blue tutu- crazy50pence

Good Answer AwardI'd wear whatever I was made to wear, but I'd make it a point to resist the alien's control over me long enough to steal all the tights from the male dancers (because, of COURSE I'd be involved in a major ballet production). Let's face it: men and tights do not mix. I've seen more than one ballet in my life and it was always frightening when the men were jumping and twirling around on stage in said tights. Skin-like fabric should not be classified as 'clothing.' I mean, leave something to the imagination. Sheesh.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI would choose a black swan costume and dance the tango. Then when the alien starts to burst out of my chest I will yell out. Gaaaaaaaaaaaa, heeeeeeeeers Johnny! Then with blood spurting from my chest I will fall to the ground (gracefully) and die.- Beetle

It will be red with big HELP, I'M CONTROLLED BY ALIENS on- Zarn

First, I feel the need to say I AM A MAN AND WILL NOT WEAR A TUTU SKIRT. Honestly, I know there are people who say wearing pink makes you really manly, but they need to come out of the closet. The costume, I may just let that up to the alien to decide, as long as it isn't an "alien" costume, because that's simply uncreative.- Streak9

I would wear the evil swan costume from Swan Lake...all Black with huge wings no tutu required.....- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI don't care- Josh

Good Answer Awardi will just go naked. damned russians....- fatty

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