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Have you ever been in an ambulance and if so,
why and were you allowed to play with the siren

No, I get to the hospital on my own when I need to. So Far. I expect ot be nearly dead if I am ever in an ambulance so I don't expect I would want to play with the siren.- Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

I completed all of the Paramedic missions in GTA San Andreas and had the siren on the whole time. Which is my way of saying: "no, none of my injuries have meant that I've been taken anywhere in an ambulance".- Mzebonga

i took a camper to the hospital because she broke her leg in the middle of the night. i didnt get to play with the siren but the got the driver's number :)- ru

Nope- Kattish

no i have never been in an ambulance- frumpy chicken

Good Answer AwardYes, for a class, and yes I got to play with the siren it was loud and obnoxious.- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardI was once but that was when I had gotten drunk and tried to be stripper on my friend's kitchen table and ended up falling and splitting my head open. When the stupid ambulance finally got to the apartment I had ingested more alcohol and was so unbelievably befuddled that I thought the ambulance was an evil space ship and I refused to go on it. So the strong ambulance nurse dude had sedated me so I would go to the hospital and not die of blood loss. The end (with a lot of morphine)-- - If I only had a navel....

No,- hersheycookies

I got hit by a car on my bike, and was unconscious. Ergo, no siren.- Forgetful Fancypants

I have never been in an ambulance (to the best of my knowledge - I hit my head pretty hard!)- I love asses without names

Good Answer AwardI was in an ambulance when they took me to the hospital to get checked out. Or maybe it was a taxi. Or a police van. Maybe it wasn't a hospital at all. Maybe it was a lunatic asylum. Y'know, sometimes these things are just difficult to remember and sort out.- Mzebonga

No- beau

Good Answer Awardwell, there was one time i had a chance to ride in an ambulance, but i didnt because everyone inside it was sad about some strange naked person who ran the guy in it over and i hate sad people. besides some rude asshole was forcing me into a cop car and demanding me to put my cloths back on at the time.....- bobthemouse09

nope- mokka

no.- maskXIII

Yes. I was pushed off a roof while drunk and no I didn't get to play with the siren. I wish I could have though.- Moofafa

the only times I have ever been in an ambulance is because of my own stupidity of boredom. kind of funny but lets just say the last time had something to do with a hack saw, a can of play dough, and old bike, and a teddy bare de fluffed and filled with smokeless gun powder.- Ishkabilly

yeah igot run over by a car and no i was dying so cudnt play wiyh sirens- crazy50pence

I could have gone in an ambulance, but I decided not to. Nothing felt broken, so I didn't bother. I guess I was just sad that I had JUST SMASHED UP MY CAR. Ugh! I was one turn away from my destination and I got hit. I don't recommend doing that, people, no matter how fun you think it might be to have the paramedics show up. Okay, so the paramedic dude was kind of hot, but you shouldn't smash up your cars just to meet hot guys. Uh...yeah.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardOnce I was an ambulance. I had a flashing light on my head and I ran around screaming and picking up apples to carry to the basement.- Beetle

Yep. I tried to kill myself once. Didn't work but they took me to hospital anyhow. I didn't ask to play with the siren, though. Bummer.- Zarn

Good Answer AwardAwww man, this question is so mean. I've actually never been on an ambulance, but my friend once mangled himself on our treadmill by putting the speed up to 100, and I cried insanely. And I got to see the inside of an ambulance, and they let me play with the sirens to cheer me up, believe it or not, since his injuries weren't serious. But given this, I was, like, seven or six, so damn near everything amused me.- Streak9

Good Answer Awardno..I can't believe it but no Though on a hot summers day when I was about 8, sporting only a pair of Speedos & running shoes I decided to chase a firetruck. It was a late 70's and I had a red bike with chopper handle bars and a banana seat, very fancy. Like most children I had a vivid imagination...on previous days I'd played 'Stock Car', pretending to do pit stops in my backyard. With limited knowledge of oils physical traits I proceeded to poor oil into the small holes in the grips on my hand bars, pretending it was gas. Back to the day in the Speedos, I heard the siren and quickly hopped on my bike, followed closely by my cousin. We raced and raced trying to catch up the the firetruck. With ass off the seat and peddling as fast as I could my right hand slipped. I quickly lost balance and fell forward, my face bounced off the handle bars and my right hand, still grasping the grip went through the spokes of the front wheel. My arm spun around and got caught behind the forks flipping the bike. I tumbled over the handle bars and slid along my back on the pavement and gravel. I came to rest with myself and the bike completely entangled. I was in incredible pain, unable to free myself from the bike. My cousin rushed over and tried to free me but it was too much for me, just yelled at him to go home and call an ambulance. I lay there on the side of the road for what seemed like forever. Eventually my Dad pulled up in our orange Pinto station wagon. He and my cousin got out and again tried to free me from the bike. I insisted it hurt too much. Dad in his half callus manner said 'Give Over!' quickly picking me and the bike, placing me in the back of the station wagon. We proceeded to the medical center, all the way my Dad making siren sounds, very similar to Italian police cars, repeating over and over...after awhile it made me laugh but that just made matters worse because it hurt more to laugh. - Poptart

Yes i busted my head and was not conscious- Josh

ive never been in an ambulance. i once set one on fire though....- fatty

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