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Do you think that all those people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are telling the truth, insane,
having some sort of brain seizure or what? (If you're one of those people then tell us what you think happened.)

Good Answer AwardWell, yes of course, to all of the above. I havn't been abducted yet but I expect to be soon. Here's a stastical bit of info you might appreciate. The number of Americans who suffer from Schitzophrenia and the number of Americans who claim to have been visited or abducted by aliens both happen to be roughly the same at about Three million persons. Nobody has bothered to check if they are the same Three million people but I am willing to wager that there is quite a large bit of overlap. The only question would then be Are visitations real and we call people who have seen aliens insane? or Are Abductions and visitations the imagined ravings of the demented minds of disease victims? It's kind of like the question about those who claim to have spoken with God. - Fudge Factory Frank Farkle

Good Answer AwardEverything they say is a lie. Their subconscious selves make up stories about some alternative reality because they can't stand to admit what they did with Martin from accounts at the Christmas party.- Mzebonga

i think they're fucking hilarious and also completely insane- ru

I think they've been touched by evil spirits, but not by aliens.- Kattish

lol well....i beleive some of them- frumpy chicken

What's with all the damn alien questions? They probably just want attention, I don't know why aliens would bother with us, people suck.- MaximeDemon

OMG! I don't know what is going on with those people... You would think that they would take the hint that every knows their crazy and start doing “normal” things like mass genocides, molesting small children, overdosing on drugs and abusing people that are weaker then you to make you feel stronger. At least that is what I have been told normal "non-abducted" people do... I wonder who the weird ones are, really....--- If I only had a navel....

they're totally insane..aliens aren't real..they're just saying those things so that they can appear on some stupid lame magazine or alien tabloid.- hersheycookies

Good Answer AwardThey're the aliens and they're trying to discredit themselves.- Forgetful Fancypants

Hey man live and let live! If they honestly believe it then who am I to judge the mental fuckers?- I love asses without names

It's all part of a conspiracy by the US Congress to keep us subdued and convince us to buy paper napkins. I would tell you more about it but they're tapping all my communications.- Mzebonga

Certifiable.- beau

Good Answer Awardi vote brain seizure. just because the thought of the brain crouching in the fetal position and twitching makes me laugh. but i do think that some of them do get abducted by aliens, its just that the drugs they are given make them forget what really happened and how they woke up in mexico having lost their kidneys, birth certificate, and innocence.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer Awardno- mokka

they are mentally ill and/or idiots- maskXIII

I'd have to say that they are average. Its the rest of us that are insane.- Moofafa

People can Trick themselves into thinking almost every thing. But alien abduction should not be ruled out. “We should just laugh at them until they can prove otherwise” - Ishkabilly

weirdos- crazy50pence

Good Answer AwardI really don't know why they feel the need to share their experience. The braggarts. "Ohh, look at me, I got to fly around the universe!" Jerks. Keep it to yourself. No one believes it happened anyway. No, scratch that, they believe you--they're just jealous. Everyone wants to prove that crop circles and pictures of UFOs are hoaxes, but secretly they just want to fly around in a spaceship, too.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardWhat? are you trying to imply I wasn't really abducted. Who the fuck do you think you are. If I say I was abducted by aliens then thats what happened. I wouldn't make up a story like that. Hey where are you going? I'm not finished telling you about my abductions. Ok this is what happened. I was just minding my own business, smoking crack, and this little guy walked up to me and tried to bum a cigarette. I told him to go get his own. I'm not made of money you know. The same guy keeps asking every day. Now how can you argue with that? Thats definate proof. - Beetle

Good Answer AwardThey need attention, sexual attention. So like most of us they just make things up. Only they put in the aliens, you see, because with an alien you have the better looks human-wise. - Zarn

Well, that really depends. Have they been doing any illegal hallucinogenic drugs lately? If so, they need to check the little box below.- Streak9

People want attention...period some get it in good ways, others in bad and they give us REAL abducties a bad name !!!!!!!!!!! - Poptart

Good Answer AwardI don't believe in aliens- Josh

yes. yes to all of it. i was abducted by a man with candy and i believe it was a brain seizure.- fatty

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