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Are you offended when Santa calls you a "ho ho ho"?

I'm not big on being offended by fictional characters.- Mzebonga

no. those who are must be posessed by the grinch or are trying to be WAY to PC which is really annoying- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardI don't get offended easily if at all. This is why I haven't left your lovely site yet. Actually, I find offensive things hilarious so when Santa calls me a "ho ho ho" I respond back "I'm usually more selective about my clientele but the red suit is quite flattering. Shave the beard and lose about 50 pounds and it'll be $100."- Arisu

Ho Ho Ho JCP. *Runs and hides in deserted corner of nuke bunker*- Ishkabilly

Fuck no, as long as he doesn't call me a Jew Jew Jew when I walk by without putting any money in his damn bucket I don't care what he says. - Heavy Load

no, i know he has good reason to...that incident with the reindeer and the lawn mower......good times.....- small fry

no...I'm not allowed to get that close to Santa due to the Restraining Order- Poptart


i like it. - brit

Good Answer AwardFuck that fat asshole! he is a liar! I believed in his silly obese self for 7 whole years of my impressionable years and what did I find out? That he is a lie! "Be good or I will know about it and you won't cash in on the goods". What a farce. All he does is teach little children that it's okay to lie to people to get them to do what you want them to do! Don't EVEN get me started on Santa!!!- cessna

Screw the fat bastard.I don't care what he calls me as long as he gives me lots of good toys. Better yet he better fork over some cash. bonds, stocks, anything convertible to good old US currency.- jingle balls

no, he has good reason to...- sharioo's

Im scared of santa.- titti flores

Who gives a shit? Santa isn't real.- Jennifer

Good Answer Awardno because i know, that santa is the real whore, he jumps down everyone's onthe planet hole in one night that sounds preety horish to me - munnin

No. I just feel very sorry for the real hos because Santa doesn't know who they are.- wolfy

Good Answer AwardI'm offended by Santa in general. I mean, he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake? He knows if you've been bad or good? How creepy is that? This old, fat perverted man watches our children and then once a year gives them something. And we encourage this. But we don't want our kids talking to strangers and we freak out if we see a old, fat perverted man at the park watching our kids. I think we should boycott Santa. His name is an anagram for Satan anyway.- narcoticsunshine

No if I live up to the reputation I would be getting the best gifts cause I made Santa really happy if you know what I mean....- If I only had a navel....


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