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If you lost your arm in horrible farming accident, where would you go looking for it
and how would you re-attach whatever bits of it you managed to find?

Good Answer AwardI wouldn't try to reattach it. Instead, I'd find an awesome bionic substitute so that I could crush heads in my iron fist.- Mzebonga

I wouldn't go looking for it I would stop the bleeding and get a prosthetic.- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardI farm now? Wow my life sure did take a turn for the worst. Here I was surfing the internet for random things to appease my boredom and I get attacked by a snowman, insulted on television to my face (and I'm not even Britney Spears) and now I'm a FARMER. Well I suppose on that note, I'd go looking for it and re-attach the bits using rubber cement and rubber bands.- Arisu

we tried to re attach the remnants but they became infected and were removed... from then on i was no longer known as the boy with 3 arms...- Ishkabilly

Being and Aligator farmer I would have a hard time getting the arm back once the gators ripped it from my body and devoured it. Instead of getting it back I would cut off the tail of a gator and staple that onto my shoulder stump. Then I would have the best arm ever for bitch-slapping the girls down at the lazy seven whore house. - Heavy Load

Note: I think this is one of the most tasteless questions ever asked on TID ! that being said I'd probably duct tape it to my torso until I could get to the hospital where I'd have the Dr's reattach my arm...though by special request I'd have them attach it to my back ...think about...that would be so cool ! - Poptart


i would get a prosthetic arm from nordstrom and attatch it with a hot glue gun- brit

At the local farmer's exchange of course! I assume it would make it along with my weekly shipment of spaghetti squash. I would likely re-attach it with udder balm.- cessna

My arm would be long gone and probably eaten by a sea turtle because I would be an oyster farmer and if I lost an arm it would have been chopped off by the boat propeller while I was reparing the sheer pin. It would be simple to reattach my arm with staples and superglue.- jingle balls

Id look in the fields and warehouse, tracing the steps of the tractor. I would try and attach it by just using badage un til I go to the hospital, im scared of getting an infection.- titti flores

I'd probably just say fuck it, sew the bloody stump shut and go around with one arm and the nickname Stumpy, but I'm lazy like that.- Jennifer

i'd send a small dog to retrieve what was left, grab the dental floss, tack it back on temporarily adn then jumpo on the tractor and drive to the hospital, now if there was nothing left of myharm then fuck it i dont need it anyways - munnin

In the tractor and I woud glue the pieces together and then sew the chunk back onto me.- wolfy

Good Answer AwardI don't know if I would go looking for it. It'd be kinda cool to only have one arm. And you could really play it up to milk sympathy from strangers. "Yeah, I was walking down a dark alley one night and like fifty guys cornered me. I managed to escape and I only lost my arm. After that I did loose my job and my family thinks I'm disgusting and won't have anything to do with me, but I still try to be positive." "Oh you poor thing! Here, take all the money I have!" See?- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardFirst I would hunt down the creepy perv who stalks me because he was probably the one who pushed me into the machine so he could get my left arm. Once I find the bastard he would have my arm in a jar of formaldehyde and would be in the process of building a wax model of me so he can stick my left arm on it and propose and put a ring on it and say we are married. Since he had a real part of me he would think that that would make him eternally bonded to me but really it just earned him a quick ticket to heaven, well he is probably going to hell. I would beat him to death burn his house down but get my arm and model of me because he did really nice job, I look gorgeous. I would then take my arm to the hospital and have the doctors reattach it, or maybe I'll become part robot and get a prosthetic. That could be fun.- If I only had a navel....


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