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What is you favourite colour, why is it your favourite and would you stain yourself that colour?

Good Answer AwardGreen. Because green is awesome. More awesome than red. Very much more awesome than red. And, hell yes, I would stain myself that colour.- Mzebonga

blue-violet, its pretty, and fuck no i would look like a smurfette- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardRed is my favorite color for many reasons. It's the color of blood and life and it's somewhat evil in a pretty way. It's not boring like black. I would stain myself that color...although I might end up doing it in a somewhat serial killer fashion. I'm going to use that bastard snowman's blood to achieve my dream!!! - Arisu

I AM A PINK SKIN!... wait stupid Andorians... I AM A BLUE SKIN!.... AB DABIT! i dont wana be an Andorian... I AM A GREEN SKIN!.... YEY I AM THE HULK!...but im not angry... DAMNIT! I AM A RED SKIN!... ok im not an indian... and OW OW OW OW!!! IT HURTS! STUPID SUN!- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardMy favorite color is key lime and blue swirls. I wouldn't stain myself that color because I would look like a freaky alien woman from the origonal star trek series pilot. That would hurt my masculine self image and I just couldn't take that. - Heavy Load

Green cause it's the colour of summer absolutely yes...cause I could be naked and camouflaged at the same time- Poptart


green. i like it. hell no.- brit

My favorite color is yellow. and, well, yes...I often do "stain" myself that color. Capiche?- cessna

Good Answer AwardWhat are you from Ireland or something? We spell it color here in this country you moron. - jingle balls

I like aquamarine as a clothes colour. I wouldnt use it as skin dye, i think it would be overwhelming.- titti flores

My favorite color is purple. I don't know why, it used to be pink and no, I don't think I'd look good as a purple person.- Jennifer

i like purple....and actually i have stained myself that color b4, which is why i think it's my favorite color, obviously it wasn't permanet but it still was really cool to go to school and tell people i ate blueberry pie.- munnin

Purple. Because I am a great big lesbian. Not unless I were a furry monster that ate women.- wolfy

My favorite color is blue because when I was seven I had a best friend who was nine and her favorite color was blue. I was a little copy cat and so I picked blue as my favorite color too and it has been ever since. Yes I am a sad lonely person holding on to her childhood, do you really feel the need to point that out? *sniffles* I wouldn't stain myself blue, but I would dye my hair blue. And paint my nails. And wear all blue. So basically I'd be all blue except for my skin.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardMy favorite color is red because it is a powerful color and when viewed tends to make people angry and destructive. In china it is a lucky color and brides wear it on their wedding day. Red is also said to stimulate your appetite and I love to eat. I wouldn't have to stain my self though, I could become an Indian and them every one would call me a "redskin" or I could more to Alabama and become a "redneck"- If I only had a navel....


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