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It seems that a new low has been hit with the "ho ho ho" question.
How do you think I should become re-inspired with quality insanity so I can make 2008 the most insane year ever?

Stop fretting about it all and get on with it.- Mzebonga

acid- MaximeDemon

Good Answer AwardIndeed a new low has been hit. I expected more from the realm of insanity! But in truth Christmas is sucking all the insanity out of everything so I don't blame you that you can't find much. I think to become inspired again you need to, get wasted on new years and Christmas and while in this state of mind visit a few mental institutions and have somebody film this adventure. When you watch it, newly sober with an amazing hang over you should be inspired to never do that again, quit drinking and hopefully have some new insane questions about life to ask us.- Arisu

yea that was low....*Continues to hide* Become a Communist, a liberal, or spend 2 days with any one on TID insane talk. - Ishkabilly

First cut off your left titty and wear a single strapped toga exposing the right one. Then go to the park on sundays and pick leaves off the trees and name each one as if they were your children then put them in a bag and bury them in the nearest beach sand. Dance around the leaf grave and sing Jim Morrison songs until the police take you away.when they test you for dimentia and ask you who is the president lick their face and say "garp" If they feed you anything try to eat it by inserting it in your rectum tell them it is reverse peristalsis and your food gets to your stomach faster that way.- Heavy Load

increase your intake of metals- Poptart


pet a platypus beak.- brit

Delve into kinky fetishes, ingenius ways to humiliate cats, the plethora of crud that infests the average human's nooks and crannies, (okay, where exactly is my nook?), sophomoric masturbatory humor, geeks trampling the jocks, and "The most rediculous things that George Bush has said and done(warning, you might not have enough bandwith for that last one).- cessna

Good Answer AwardFirst drill a hole in your forehead for a do it yourself labotomy. Then stuff a few beetle grubs in there and let them crawl around for a while. Now that you've got a pretty good headache going start chugging down tequilla until you barf your guts out. Do this every day for a few weeks and then you will be about as far gone as Britany Spears. Then you can marry whoever you meet walking down the street and treat them like a dog until they throw you out. Walk around the park in the nearest big city and talk to yourself out loud. When people stop to offer you spare change for coffe tell them you are running for president and if they vote for you you will move into their garage while the White House is repainted turquoise and yellow. While you are living in their garage start re-editing your web page. - jingle balls

Eh, that's up to you.- Jennifer

go stare at the random kitten generator for hours on end, you'll go insame. and if that doesn't work go live in a 24 hour wal-mart for a week, that should do it:) - munnin

Psychotic neurotic menstural women. Quality insanity in one small woman.- wolfy

Drink more. Insanity always comes to me when I'm drunk.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardWell visiting an insane asylum could prove to have very useful information. Rambling nitwits and pea brained idiots that think that microwaves talk to them would have loads of inspiringly insane scenarios to make a question out of. Or an old folk's home; war vets are hilarious and so are senile old ladies that think anything with legs are their children. Or any religious gathering they all have some pretty fanatical ideas, but they might try and convert you and make you think that the way to SEE god is by drinking poisoned Kool-aid. Or a public elementary school; there are a lot or not-so-innocent little kids that have the power to look cute yet be so devious, but then hanging around an elementary might you appear to be a child molester. Take your pick; I have found all these places to be good for a laugh and make me feel less crazy.- If I only had a navel....


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