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Have you ever built anything out of wood and nails/screws and if so,
what was it and did it turn out the way you planned in any way?

I built a catapult a few years ago but not being a skilled physicist or carpenter it sucked and the projectile only flew about 40 feet. I lost interest after one round of mods and gave up on improvements. If I try again it will be on a 1/4 scale model of the origonal 6 foot high version.- Bonehead

no, i'm a lazy bastard, but if i did, it would be nothing like my plan.- The Shepherd

i have never built anything in my life...except a two headed purple unicorn with pink wings and a flaming tail- mikey

yes it was a flight machine and i flew- clara

Yes! They used to make us make things from wood in school. Mine were always shit, but I made a little racing badger once from balsa wood and elastic bands. It was all right.- Gemface

i built a small, wooden catapult. it worked maybe 50 to 60 times, but suffered catastrophic structural collapse. - Lame_Nickname_Man

I built a bed frame recently, from scratch, out of wood - and it totally rocks. - Jibfu

was in wood shop in high school...made lots of things, but my favorite was a kicked ass- TexasEvil39

Good Answer AwardWell, simplest answer, a treehouse. But, ofcourse, we realized halfway through that our treehouse was "askew." And we took out some nails, tried to fix some things, and somewhere along the way, we started building a wooden death trap. And in the end, it took out several branches and crunched the neighbors' fence.- Streak9

I tried to build a table in shop sucked, i stole one that was left over from the semester before and put it in as my own. I got an A- po0x

I did. It sucked.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell, i did build a coffin pout of glue, paper clips, and a coffin. it was grand, but i dont thing the family of the person inside appreciated it very much. i got kicked out of the funeral and didn't even get paid for the wonderful job i did, so no! it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to.- bobthemouse09

I've built a DVD shelving unit which turned out exactly the way I planned.....but I've also built a toy Fire Station for a friends kid that didn't even come close to what I'd planned- Poptart

Good Answer AwardI'm still working on my galloes and when I'm done I'll try it out on myself. I'm hoping for a nice decapitation hanging, look for me on youtube.- littleballs a'smokin

Good Answer AwardI wasn't too into nailing and screwing things (uhh, don't take that the wrong way), but I was really into one thing and one thing only: POWER SAW. Oh yes, my grandpa had one that he bought especially for his grandkids to use. It was awesome. I made many a piece of wood in the shape of a cat during those days. Oh, how I miss them..- McDiablo

Yes I tried to build a box for my woofers. I got as far as buying a cheap as jigsaw from ebay not realizing that would not compinsate for the circular saw I would need to make the holes. Project Disaster. - Grmanmexi

Good Answer AwardI built a swing set once. It turned out okay because only a few of the parents decided to sue for personal damages.- Jimothy

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