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You walk into a white room where everything in it is painted white and there are about a hundred clothes hangers hanging from the ceiling on strings. What the HELL are you doing there and how do you feel about the clothes hanger art?

This must be the new Overstock dot com commercial. I stark asking for discount coupons,a nd hey, what about that radio I ordered last month? When is it going to arrive.- Bonehead

idk why i'm here, but fuck the art, i'ma make my own with it.- The Shepherd

well, first off, my opinion on the hanger art depends on whether said art can be easily removed and if anyone would miss them ( clothes hangers just seem to dissappear when you wash socks) Secondly, i'm not racist, so i don't see color...therefore the white room does not bother me at all. - shari

i am probally too stoned to remember what i'm doing there...and about the clothes hangers...sounds cool and scary at the same time- mikey

it is boring and i am drunk- clara

It was like that when I got here. Can I steal some of the hangers? I could use some decent ones, I hate those shitty plastic ones the clothes come on in the shop.- Gemface

Good Answer AwardI realise i'm in an Apple MegaUltraStore, and that this is the wardrobe hall. Yes, hall. Only now do i become aware of the hipsters around me. I cringe in terror. - Lame_Nickname_Man

I'm pretty sure I just walked into an artsy coat closet in a trendy club. Since I'm not an employee, I'll just wander back to the bar.- Jibfu

Good Answer Awarddammit, i tried to avoid the men in the white coats...they must have caught up with me...the clothes hangers must be like the baby mobiles over cribs to keep me pacified...(don't think it will work though...evil laugh)- TexasEvil39

It's the National Clothes Hanging Museum! Where we show you a whole bunch of clothes hangers! With, eh, clothes hanging on them! Plus, free dry-cleaning on Sundays..- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI am in love with the clothes long as they are not bashing me in the head when i am walking around the lovely white room. - po0x

I make a gun from the coat hangers.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell it's pretty obvious that im really in some kind of parallel universe where people love the color white and run around naked(which explains why they have no cloths on the hangers. I think the hangers are an abstruction of my friend's illeagle immigrant calling powers. perhaps we are in canada.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardI've obviously walked in on preparations for a White Stripes video shoot, they just haven't added the red and black yet. hmmmm, hangar art? It's highly over rated and has been done to death. Speaking of death most of those artists should just hang themselves from the hangars NOW THAT'S ART !- Poptart

I am probably delivering pizzas there. The clothes hanger art sucks, whoever created it should have one of the clothes hangers rammed up their ass.- Snuggalette

Paint it black! Just like the Rolling Stones song. The clothes hangers are a political statement about abortion of course.- littleballs a'smokin

Good Answer AwardIt seems that I somehow ended up in the Construct area of the Matrix. Who slipped me a red pill, dammit?! The clothes hangers aren't actually art, they're weapons. You know when Neo says he needs, "Guns. Lots of guns."? I need lots of clothes hangers. And they need to be hanging from the ceiling or else someone is going to have their digital ass digitally kicked. What can I say? In a simulated world, I'm high-maintenance.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardWhat the hell am I doing here. The clothes hangers dont bother me cause there is no mention of damn clothes to put on them. Thank whomever. The white of the walls seems peaceful and yet no one to bother me. Have I finally reach my death! - Grmanmexi

I'm there because I did it. Now I need the get the fuck out of this house before somebody finds me here.- Jimothy

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