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Snakes and ladders, tiddlywinks or hopscotch?
For bonus points: Which of these things are not like the others?

Good Answer AwardMy ass isn't like any of those things.- Bonehead

snakes and ladders, and hopscotch is not like the others.- The Shepherd

hopscotch...all are different and the same at the same time- mikey

yes all of them- clara

Hopscotch. It's also the one that's not like the others, because it doesn't have a thousand tiny little fucking parts.- Gemface

Monopoly, motherfucker. Oh, and it's tiddlywinks. it's not like the Others. Like normal games. Noooo. It's a goddamn COMMIE game, it is! Kill it! Kill it quick! Unless it's a game first patented around 1888 by one Joseph Fincher in late Victorian england. God save the queen. - Lame_Nickname_Man

Good Answer AwardHopscotch. It is different because it involves the entire body rather than just sitting down and playing. - Jibfu

Tiddlywinks...something to screw around with....the different thing is hopscotch.- TexasEvil39

Good Answer AwardWhoo! Snakes and ladders all the way, there's nothing like being swallowed by an oversized snake when you're three spaces away from the end and leaving out it's lower half to the very bloody beginning! And, for the bonus points, I'd probably have to say snakes and ladders again, just because I think tiddlywinks and hopscotch are where you skip things..- Streak9

hopscotch is not like the others...- po0x

Good Answer AwardNeither.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell i would have to go with hopscotch, because kids are more likly to become injured while playing this game. and it's obvious that snakes are the ones that are different, considering that they are violent and will hopefully take out a few of the children playing hopscotch.- bobthemouse09

they ALL suck but I give props to Snakes and Ladders because it has snakes- Poptart

???? hopscotch- Snuggalette

Good Answer AwardTiddlywinks is an adult game played in serious competitive tournaments so it must be different, besides, it sounds kind of naughty doesn't it?- littleballs a'smokin

Good Answer AwardTiddlywinks! It's the one thing I was deprived of as a child. Plus, it's way too much fun to say. Tiddlywinks! Just say it to yourself right now. It will bring you joy in ways you could never have imagined.- McDiablo

What the hell is a tiddlywink and who really cares.- Grmanmexi

I'd say hopscotch. I've never been convicted of negligent homicide playing snakes and ladders or tiddlywinks.- Jimothy

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