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What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and did it involve ghosts or UFO's?

Good Answer AwardI keep looking for ufo's but none of them ever turned out to be aliens, just wierd airplanes or birds. The most scary things I did to myself. I like whitewater kayaking but after several near drownings in class 4 rapids I just like to kayak on ponds and lakes now. I do experience ghost visitations occasionally but just in dreams so they don't bother me much other than a little lost sleep due to waking up screaming in a sweat soaked bed at 3 am.- Bonehead

UFO's...i was fuckin abducted.- The Shepherd

the scariest thing...hmmm...possibly, that's not it. maybe, that's not it either. i dunno :D- mikey

nothing and no- clara

Um... Probably getting what I thought was a weird phone call, which turned out to be my uncle playing a trick on me because I was at home alone. And no, it didn't involve ghosts or UFOs.- Gemface

Good Answer AwardI remember when i was just a little boy, 700 years ago. My mother was fishing for boots in the local sewer, when all of a sudden an entity approached me. I looked in disbelief: It was the ghost of an alien pirate! Shiver me molasses, it said. Aren't ye a wee bit small fer a human, he said. "I'm a child", i answered quickly. "oh. OK, then. I was jus' findin it a bit funny. I like dwarves.", he said and went away. As my mother returned, i gazed upon her manly face. Mom is gone now, she was whipped to death in an ant sugar-mine. The full horror hit me some time ago, when i looked at a photo of her, taken 500 years ago and realized: She looked just like Steven Seagal! It's retroactive horror, the finest of the sort. Just ask your lokal ne'er-do-well-- Lame_Nickname_Man

The scariest thing that ever happened to me was driving a car that went out of control when it hydroplaned at 60+ MPH. - Jibfu

getting married to my first wife....hell i wish it had've been a ghost or ufo...that wouldn't have been as scary.- TexasEvil39

It was probably the time when I realized the local serial rapist was that guy I met at Starbuck's yesterday.- Streak9

Kept seeing the ghost of my grandfather as a teenager everywhere I went, thought we were going to run into him once when we turned the corner on the way to the movies- po0x

Yes- Joeeigel

A few car wrecks.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell there was this one time i bought a panda and the panda didnt like me so i tried to kill it and little did i know it was really a leprecaun and it tried to kill me so we had tea to talk it over and the next thing i knew i was it's "babby fadda" and im now paying child support. but, the whole tea thing was really frightening..... i mean seriously! who drinks iced tea with 4 sugars?!?!?!?- bobthemouse09

One night while working alone is what used to be a munitions factory during WWII, I felt a hand grab the back of my leg. I didn't imagine it, it wasn't a rat jumping on me, it happened. I was freaked the fuck out....shaking etc. I locked the doors and went home....I don't think I slept for days- Poptart

Good Answer AwardGohsts are scarier because you can't kill them, they're already dead you know. Aliens are just a problem if you didn't go to college and they are taking your job away from you. U F O's on the other hand are a perenial problem for those of us who don't see very well. Since alll the UFO film evidence proves that they are fuzzy dots of light in the sky I am frightened whenever I see a flash in the sky or a dustball or poplar tree seed floating by. I wouldn't want to be abducted and probed anally or disembowelled by a humming bird or a bumblebee. That would just be way too embarassing.- littleballs a'smokin

Good Answer AwardUFOs scared me as a kid. That damn 'Unsolved Mysteries' show was horrible, but I'd watch it anyway. It gave me nightmares. They had a story of a woman who said a tiny UFO came into her room through the window and scanned her body while she was in her bed. It scared the hell out of me. I would stare at my window in fear for many nights after that. I still do sometimes. - McDiablo

The scariest thing would be when I stayed the evening at my moms and I was in the spare bedroom trying to get some beauty rest when I was being yanked off the bed by someone or something and keeping my cool I returned to the head of the bed when I would hear some growling and I was scared but I thought if I ignored it it would not attack me and take me away. I was awake the whole night to scared to get out of the bed preventing from being drug under it. Oh hell NOoooo- Grmanmexi

Good Answer AwardI was once probed by the ghosts of a ship of aliens that crashed in my backyard. Turns out it was just a bunch of drunk clansmen that crashed their truck and were feeling frisky. No amount of hot water washes that kind of dirty off.- Jimoth

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