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What would you do if you met the person responsible for spamming your favourite TV shows with pop-up ads?

I'd cut out his liver and eat it with some chianti and Fava beans. sluuuurp. yummy.- Bonehead

Good Answer Awardbreak them into pieces, then burn the pieces.- The Shepherd

KILL- mikey

i live in england so dont get pop up adds- clara

Good Answer AwardStab them. In the face. Repeatedly. With a fork. Then gouge their eyes out with a rusty spoon.- Gemface

Good Answer AwardI'd shoot him in the balls, then I'd gouge his eyes out and put them where his balls used to be.- Lame_Nickname_Man

Good Answer AwardI would fake being nice and act interested, try to get their home address, where I would constantly have pizzas delivered and sign them up for subscriptions to all sorts of magazines, and fill out every sweepstakes entry form I could get my hands on, using their address.- Jibfu

Recreate the scene in A Clockwork Orange where they stap him down, force his eyes to stay open and make him watch every boring documentary ever made for days on end with no sleep.- TexasEvil39

Well, he'd probably be at the bottom of the river by sun-down, concrete blocks tied to his shoes, and ofcourse, I'd take his credit card first.- Streak9

I would kick them in the head... as basic as that- po0x

I'd cut his nuts off.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell, i would first ask him if he owns a television and has ever tried to sit through a show with these annoying as hell things popping up. if he says yes, i hit him with a large bat. if he says no, i still hit him with a large bat.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardI have a friend who stabbed her Exhusband after he threw her down the stairs while 8 months pregnant. After she got out of the hospital she cut him, she cut him good but he survived. She says she no longer has a use for that hunting knife and said I can have it. With said knife I'd go cut that fucker responsible for spamming my favorite show. I cut the fucker in the stomach and then choke him/her with their own intestines. Death by popped out abs - Poptart

Good Answer AwardI would first knock them in the head with something hard in the vicinity, and then I would take their shoes and shove them in that persons ass sideways. If it was a male I would then proceed to duct tape his feet and hands together behind his back, but not before stripping him naked. after that I would put a vaccuumn cleaner on his dick and stick him in a really hot shower enough to scald his skin- Snuggalette

I'd put on my Viking hat and sing along with him, SPam spam spam spam Spam spam spam spam Spamity spam I love the spam, - littleballs a'smokin

Good Answer AwardThere's pop-up ads on TV shows now? What? Am I out of the technological loop? Well, whether they pop-up or not, ads suck. If I met this person, I'd probably introduce him or her to my good friend, Mr. Wood Chipper. You have to be careful about shaking his hand, though. His method of doing that is, er, rather messy.- McDiablo

Slap them.- Grmanmexi

To spare you all the graphic details, I'll just say I'd be on the run and hiding out for a while.- Jimothy

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