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It's your first day at a new job and while you're working, someone puts on some really BAD music. It's music that you absolutely HATE. It seems that everyone else there LOVES this music and listens to it ALL day long at work. This is a great job though, where you're paid well and treated well. Do you think the music will eventually get to you and force you to quit, do you deal with it (learn to like it) or have some other sort of clever plan to escape it?

I feel sorry for you but I'm not going to help you solve youre pathetic little problems. I don't care if you hate the music. You better learn to like it or find a new job where everyone isn't a selfish jerk.- Bonehead

Good Answer Awardbreak the music by any means necessary then blame just about anyone else.- The Shepherd

Good Answer Awardi'll stall for time until my shotgun arives- mikey

turn it off- clara

I have a cunning plan- mp3 player! Or internet radio on Planet Rock or something, so that I can have my own little bubble of awesome sounds.- Gemface

If i really was well treated, we'd come to some sort of mutually beneficial agreement.- Lame_Nickname_Man

There is definitely a music war about to start. I'll try to play some compromise music, but no matter how good a job is, I can't listen to bad tunes all day. If I can't get it to stop, and it's playing all day, it's going to eventually force me to quit.- Jibfu

Hey there's always your ipod to outplay that shitty music they're playing right- TexasEvil39

Clever, maybe not. But, I'll just go a-digging in the tool shed and smash it, it's that simple. SMASH.- Streak9

I will learn to deal with it, I would never quit a job because of some lame music- po0x

Yes- Joeeigel

I will listen to my own music.- A-Dawg

Good Answer Awardwell, my clever plan will involve a mega phone, some string, and a cleverly placed squirrel. while i build some strange contraption out off all of this, i will be surrounded by curious coworkers, and after they are all completely engrossed in what im doing i will pretend i have to go to the bathroom and then sneak around them to break the cd player or whatever it is making the horrid music. on my way back i will conviently drop a phone call to the security department and complain that there are a bunch of my coworkers in my cubical attempting to make some kind of sick squirrel bomb to destroy me with.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer AwardThis has actually happened to me !!! Saying as I'm such a music snob I couldn't help but make comments almost immediately. In good humor at first but then I got nasty about it insisting Celine Dion and Kenny G were the work of the Devil. Saying as the employers were quite religious too, my days there were numbered. I lasted one week..... - Poptart

I would not quit a job over something as petty as music. I would deal with it by using ear plugs or just tuning it out.- Snuggalette

Good Answer AwardThe treatment really cant be that good if they make me listen to that crappy music. I'd stay just long enough to sabotage their computers and ruin the buisines, then quit just before they go under so all those losers suffer in the unemployment line. Then I'll get a job with the competition who will be doing much better without this company in the field.- littleballs a'smokin

I'm sure I'd get pretty good at ignoring the horrible music. However, if it's X-mas music, I might have a fit--or a brain explosion. But, the best way to deal with any kind of terrible music is using one of the greatest inventions/weapons against shitty music--earplugs. Or taking a hatchet to the soundsystem.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardFor the weak they would definetly put up with it. But I would start playing something opposite such as gangsta rap to annoy all. And if it becomes a problem someone will complain about the music and management would be forced to ban all from playing anything at all. Problemo solved. - Grmanmexi

Good Answer AwardI'd work the job pretending to like the music until I snap and start stapling peoples faces together.- Jimothy

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