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Now that it's spring, have you done any cleaning or burning of evidence?
If you have, tell us about it.

Well the other day i saw a fat girls at my school and her rools were bulging over the sides of her pants and yet she still wore short shorts. then i saw a fat man with HUGE pit stains and i wondered if i should go get him some paper towels... any way, when i went home, i burnt all of these memories out of my head to clean my soul of their filth.- bobthemouse09

I can cheerfully inform you that I haven't. I live in squalour brought on by my continuing downward spiral into alcoholism.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardI cleaned out my closet. I mean that in the literal sense, not the figurative sense or "Hi, I'm Eminem and I wrote yet another song aimed at my mother and the fact that she's a shitty parent and fucked me up." Wasn't that guy supposed to retire? At the age of 30? Jerk. You better thank your shitty parents for that.- McDiablo

Good Answer Awardyes. I removed this god-awful wooden platform that used to have a screen house on it. I broke it up and burned it in my fire ring. The neighbors were a little annoyed, but I made an effigy of them and dangled it above the smoldering pit and they calmed right down.- cessna

I gave the dogs and cats a bath, that's about it though.- Chicken Of Despair

Good Answer AwardI just completed my spring dishwashing and annual shower. To help the environment by saving water I combined the two events into one. Next year I'll be getting a new sponge so it will go smoother than with the Brillo Pad.- armpit hair

I "cleaned house", if ya know what I'm sayin'...- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer Awardclea....ning? this cleaning of yours intrigues me, tell me more.- Great Jihad

i burn evidence of marijuana on a consistant basises- saLLy

Monkey Butti think thats a little personal.- iamzbob

yes. I cleaned my closet the other day. I found icecream in it.- i ♥ icecream

me! burn the evidence! i would never do such a thing! i would never purposly destroy evidence for a police investigation of the death of some poor goose! that i hit with a scooter!- AOU7

of course! dude, i live with my mom!- ray

I have done cleaning, i live in a place of controversial minds, I am a very lazy person but I cant stand living in a pig sty, its kinda like having a minor case of OCD, on the other hand my brother is a complete opposite of me, and does not care at all. So i end up getting angry over cleaning up his messes. Not natural for a guy to feel this way but its me...- Grounded Clown

Monkey Butti generally throw my condoms out a car window which eventually will hit u in the face- thestain

Burned evidence. Left over from Christmas party. classified items. - warDog

i havent done anything of the sort!... atleast not yet- Captain Meep

Monkey ButtYes, cleaned out my girlfriend- Weller

I have did alot of cleaning because the fact that i cannot stand not cleaning up my room and it is a mess and somewhat because other people not trying to say anything or it is because of some people nd their messigness and how they treat their clothes and their own belongings.- tt

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