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Are you one of those annoying people who can fall asleep within minutes no matter where they are
or what they're sleeping on? If not, what sort of issues do you have getting to sleep?

I have bad problems getting to sleep!!!! The gnomes in my room insist on listening to music at night so they can sleep. if i object they will jump me or rape me. there is three of them and only one of me!- bobthemouse09

Monkey ButtYes. *laughs at JCP*- Mzebonga

I have issues getting back to sleep when I'm lying in bed, nearly dying from menstrual cramps as I wait for the ibuprofen to kick in. I really can't fall asleep absolutely anywhere either--I'm not that talented. However, it does helps if I'm not wearing any pants, which, depending on where I am, would make for quite the awkward situation. Sorry, but I'm not about to slip off my pants in order to fall asleep in a plane.- McDiablo

Yes, I'm one of those people. I eat well and exercise. I also have a clear conscious so I can fall right asleep. Purify and you may also.- cessna

~sniffs~ yes- Chicken Of Despair

Good Answer AwardYes I fall asleep in seconds, This usually causes the passengers in my car to scream and shake me just before we careen off the highway. Otherwise I do have multiple sleep disorders. If I can overcome the mental problems keeping me awake most of the night I suffer from sleep apnea and wake up every ten or fifteen minutes gasping for air with my heart racing and a stabbing pain between my eyes. The stress has led to a heart arrythmia that the doctors say is nothing to worry about and this problem is usually caused by alcohol abuse so they really couldn't care less. Sleep is overrated anyway, I mean the nightmares and bedwetting make it rather unpleasant so I figure, Why bother? - armpit hair

Yes, i am. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and on anything. I like to think of it as a gift, not a curse.- idontmindthesunsometimes

sle....ep? again your strange alien ways intrigue me, do you have a pamphlet or cataloge you can send me?- Great Jihad

who sleeps?- iamzbob

It takes me an hour to get to sleep. Especially if im in my closet....eating icecream.- i ♥ icecream

Good Answer AwardI WISH I COULD DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! but no when i try to go to sleep i have to remake my bed, then after that i have to spend minutes of torture tryin to get comfortable. once that task is accomplished i end up just laying in my damn bed for hours while i stare into nothing-ness and wish i could fall asleep. Then i get bored w/ that so i turn the tv on or the radio and sometimes that will help... but for reals i cant fall asleep because once i lay there for so long, i end up thinking about the STUPIDEST THINGS EVER!!!! and it pisses me off like none other.- AOU7

dude, i cant sleep for hours when i go to bed. i dunno why! i think i need a girlfriend...- ray

Yeah, I'm not, unless I have stayed up two nights in a row, with only mountain dew to keep me awake. I usually sleep on a mattress with a big gaping hole in it, or dent of where my body usually is, and my boxers scrunch up on me and my balls sweat to the point of irritation like a bug bite, or i cant keep my mind of hot chicks and i go beat off in the bathroom.- Grounded Clown

i think i would ahve a hard time sleeping with a cock up my ass- thestain

Sleep anywhere, (two decades in military)- warDog

Good Answer Awardi cant sleep without a ninja headband on to fight away the dream eating monkeys- Captain Meep

Good Answer Awardmy issues are numerous and I think if I wrote them here I would have to suck out an eyeball- Weller

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