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It's been said that "living well is the best revenge".
Is this your plan or do you have a better plan for "the best revenge"?

Good Answer AwardWell i think that is a stupid saying! living well just makes people want to break into your house and kill you. if you really want revenge, you become a singing hobo and dance around in front of children. parents will hate you, but with fear of upsetting their children they wouldnt kill you and instead would give you money to please the children. thus its practiclly stealing!- bobthemouse09

Monkey ButtI plan to take revenge on the person who came up with that stupid phrase or, better, revenge on the stupid person who introduced it to this website by dropping dead forthwith.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardFor me, the best revenge involves violence, but I never follow through with my disturbing plans. Instead, I take a different approach and use silence. If someone has treated me like shit, I will cut myself off from them so our paths no longer intersect. Ever. I will not tell them what I'm doing. I will not tell them about any important events that have happened in my life. I will not contact them in any way. I have used this technique many a time and the individuals I've severed all ties to have always tried to come crawling back. It may sound awful, but ignoring them and their attempts to push themselves back into my life gives me great satisfaction. - McDiablo

Good Answer AwardMy best form of revenge is farting in a crowded elevator. I don't have a desire for specific revenge against a particular person for any particular reason, just to punish random people in my own little way.- cessna

I have a better ones: Have a nasty ass squirrel bite em in the eyes and leave it until they get gangrene, then give them a spork. - Chicken Of Despair

See my answer to question 1. (to recap:I choose B . Only for the reason that when contemplating Suicide years years ago I came to the conclusion that If my life sucks so much and I can't seem to do anything to improve it then I would just redirect my efforts to ruining everone elses happyness and serenity) As for living well, I wouldn't know how so I am focusing just on the revenge part.- armpit hair

Living well? How is that revenge? Revenge against what??? I am baffled by this. In fact I don't see living period as revenge at all. Rebellion perhaps, but not revenge. plan for revenge is to defecate on the lawn of Villanova University. I hate all those motherfuckers. The can't drive for shit, they're aggravating as FUCK to listen to when they just can't shut up at the local coffee house, and they're just draining they're daddys' bank accounts without really having to work for the money to go there. Now of course, this does not apply to ALL the student there, but I would say a grand majority. By defecating on the lawn, i think I'm making my point about how I REALLY feel about them invading my neighborhood. Sweet revenge!- idontmindthesunsometimes

i had one but then i realized id have to get off my ass to actually do it so i gave up on it.- Great Jihad

Good Answer Awardthe logistics of great revenege is always dependent of current circumstances and emotional connectivity to the evil doer i choose to heap harm upon but if i had to generalize... Usually revenege starts on a slow roll. Begin with scopping and watching trafficked areas of the loser, learning their patterns and habits, quickly followed by dismantling their main source of enjoyment, be that what it may. This must always be done quickly and quietly, so the victim has little time to react or discover that you are indeed the culprit. After gaining sole knowledge of the whereabouts and health of victim, they must be hung in the quartering postion, however suspended in the air. After generally being that little asshole fuck within an inch of his/her life, i envision taking a nasty, rusy ol' razor blade, removing an inch of skin beginning at each achilles tendon, traveling over each's respective shoulders down to the front of the ankle. I would dreamily sit back and listen to screams of agony as squirting citrus acid on the open, soon to be festering wounds... - saLLy

Good Answer Awardmy revenge will occur when the sock monkey king unleashes his army and smites the non believers.- iamzbob

Icecream is a good revenge for slowly killing ppl with dabetes.- i ♥ icecream

Id rather not just live to get the "best revenge", no i would rather actually do something that would be interesting and quite funny; i would have to video tape my revenge in progress so i would be able to watch it in my room beer in my hand and enjoy the night.- AOU7

the best revenge? just a couple of knee shots! works all the time!- ray

"Living well is the best revenge" well thats actually a really good statement, just that i think punching someone in the face (if its a guy) is a good revenge or if your girlfriend cheats on you, then sleep with her best friend, or her sister.- Grounded Clown

i say the best revenge is to go around cutting emo kids wrists because there 2 pussy to do it otherwise- thestain

Yes been there done that.- warDog

.......... a cactus and a croquet mallet.... thats all i have to say... figure the rest out on your own.- Captain Meep

my best revenge is to die owing a shit load of money- Weller

Monkey ButtBecause if you know you did somehting wrong and you should regret it on how the person reacting to what you did or said for the best revenge.- tt


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