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What if an alien asked you nicely if it could use an anal probe on you for research purposes,
AND it promised to give you some candy, a free t-shirt, and a crop circle if you agreed?

Good Answer Awardi would ask how big the anal probe was and if i could be sedated. im not to big on the candy and tee shirt idea, but they would give me something to throw at pidgeons....... i would however use the crop circle to harrass the hick farmers out where i live however. it would be awsome to have "eat shit you sheep lover" written in someone's feild.....- bobthemouse09

Sure, why not? It's more fun than I'm likely to have any time soon.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardOK, an anal probe may be enough to make the average person squirm, but really, I wouldn't care. I have been poked and prodded in places where most people haven't. I've had needles shoved into my arms, stomach, neck and the backs of my hands. I've had blood stolen from my veins, body parts removed, and a torture device inserted into my vagina. Oh, and after all those things, I never got any goddamn candy, shirts or even a freakin' crop circle. So, go ahead, aliens, probe away!- McDiablo

damn, what am I gonna do with a crop circle? grease up that probe and poke away! I'm perfectly willing to crack a smile for the sake of science.- cessna

Depends on what kind of candy, I don't like that pecan almond shit. - Chicken Of Despair

I bet the scumbag still wouldn't call back afterwards. Just like all those old men in the park.- armpit hair

Good Answer AwardDepend on how nicely they asked. if they said it in a phoney, high pitched voice, then definitely not. If they explained it would be for the greater good of the universe or something like that, then I'd consider it. It would also depend what kind of candy (i'm a sucker for gummi bears...hint hint), what kind of tee-shirt (i think a shirt with David Bowie on it from his "A Space Oddity" era would be approriate), and also where the crop circle would be. I'd want to be able to visit my crop circle, and laugh silently to myself about it. - idontmindthesunsometimes

....... holy crap!! its the same guy who did my proctology exam!!!- Great Jihad

i mean i'm not cheap, there are limits on what types of candy, would have to be a gift card to a store of my choosing, and a crop circle of my likening and lots a ky, dont forgot to slap my ass and talk dirty!!!- saLLy

i would have to have a big kids meal from BK, i'm not easy.- iamzbob

Monkey ButtI would say yes but I would need icecream to. - i ♥ icecream

Good Answer Awardhmm............ well........... im just not sure if a anal probe would be worth getting candy, although the free t-shirt and a crop circle is swaying that decision just a little bit. I might have to get back to you on this one, i need more details for what the crop circle could include, and maybe if i can get more then just one circle, and also i would like to know what the shirt says. So i will have to get back to you on this one.- AOU7

dude, hell yes! as long as it didnt hurt more then the time i got raped my a huge polar bear!- ray

Do honestly think I'm a redneck? Only rednecks want candy (even though it would fuck up the last tooth they had) or a free t-shirt (second one they have ever owned in there life) or a crop circle ("AINT NO MAN IF YOU DONT GOT LAND" is the redneck way)- Grounded Clown

onyl if the alien was smoking hot and the tshirt has to say i teabagged an alien- thestain

No problem if I can choose an equally creative method of EXAMINATION on it.- warDog

.. dude..... free candy!!!!!! xD id do anythin for candy and T shirt!- Captain Meep

he would find out that I really really don't like getting probs giving it though - Weller



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