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If you were on "The Price is Right", which showcase would you bid on and what would your bid be?

The Price is Right? Isn't that the bizarre show with the old guy and the spinny thing that my mother used to watch when I was 3?- bluemonkeyfearer

never seen the show but do they have a 'blood of the innocent' showcase. Can't go wrong there.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardThe vacation to Alcapulco. It's got to be the greatest place in Mexico because the only time I've heard of it is on those game shows as a free trip prize. It must be full of tourists who didn't pay to get there. My bd would be four million pesos.- lame guy

I would bid on an IPOD, and I would bid a dollar. That's about what those things are worth to me.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I would bi on the one with the shotgun, and the bid would be somewhere between $50-$60.- Streak9

As fun as bidding sounds and all, I would only have one thing on my mind while on "The Price is Right": The assassination of the Alien Coalition Forces leader... Bob Barker.- No name the nameless

Monkey Butthmmmmm idk $1- losingsanity13

i have never watched that show but ill take a stab at this question any way. i would bid on the horse that is the fastest. and then i would bid on the pole dancer and perhaps the chubby lady hiding in the forest. (she watches me sleep)- bobthemouse09

I would bid on the one with the car. Of course I would bid just rite cuz I will be the winner. No overbidding for me.- Sam

Good Answer AwardI'd just pick up where Happy Gilmore left off and beat Bob Barker senseless ....mainly because he fired showcase presenter Holly for being too old Nobody fired him because he was too old !!!!!!- Poptart

Monkey Buttwot???- Lucy

I would bid on the "Brand New Mooney Acclaim!!!" It IS afterall the fastest production single piston-engine aircraft on the market! I would bid $389,000.- Cessna

the bitches ofcourse, yeah i know their not in the show case but who cares, id knock the dust off that pussy bitch!! as for the bid, maybe 25,000 gs- beavis'sbutt

I would bid on Bob Barker's microphone. That's right, screw the showcase! After winning (duh, of course I'd win), I'd punch Bob in the face and say, "The price is wrong, BITCH."- McDiablo

I'd bid on showcase number 2, and bid a dollar, because when the other guy wasn't looking I added like 7 zeros to his bid.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer Awardi'd bid on bob! that man is a total fox and so worth more than all of his general motors low grade cars. besides the publicity of such a performance would probably land you a guest starring on jack ass or some other program that capitalizes on human imprudence and causes the death of roughly 78 teenage boys every year. i'd probably bid my little sister. money is so eurocentric! i think we should all be sick and tired of being confined to a standard of western imperialism on all those hyper-civilized, dirty-water-drinking, female-genital-mutilizing, head shrinking, canabalist pot head aborigines. i mean they have a right to be autonomous in their human sacrifices and DEVIL WORSHIP. lets let them imperialize us for a change. give them a chance. im gonna go eat oatmeal now. - Dougy Fresh

All of them. I don't know. Never seen it.- biillyyzz

i would walk over to the show cases. load up all of the furniture and stuffs into the back of the pickup showcase vehicle. beat whats his name till he gave me the keys and registration and all the paperwork to make it mine then drive off. MAKE ME CHOOSE NEXT TIME FUCKAS!- Ishkabilly

Isn't that the one game show my grandma watches when her gas keeps her up at night? - LostinthePurple

Good Answer AwardI would bid on the showcase that hopefully gives me a new refrigerator because at the current time my fridge has broken completely and I have thrown out all the food in it. I have resorted to eating Top Ramen Noodles for every meal and when I get bored of that, I devour any other type of food that is canned or very well preserved that I find in the cabinets. My bid would be about $1,500 because that is what it will cost to get a new fridge. Man, I miss milk and fresh veggies........ - blonde hair, pink Freak

A hobos house. $5,000.- Lovin the butt sex!

i dont do gameshows- Jay Killa

Good Answer Awardid bid on a giant duck that i could sit on its back and it would fly me anywhere i wanted to go and that it survived off of vodka. i would bid 5 dollars and i would deff win.- 6inchhookerheels

Monkey ButtI've no idea what you're talking about.- Fuckwit

the 2nd showcase for $37,900- doesntreallymatter

one my bid is 17500 bob- ape

Monkey Buttwhat the fuk is that shit- EsKEmO

Good Answer AwardWhichever one has the car because as a kid that's the one I thought was so cool! My bid would be my age multiplied by the number of times Bob Barker has been accused of (sexual) harrassment divided by the number of incorrect guesses made during that day's taping. Add that to how many people in the audience NEVER hear "___________(name), come on down!", stand back and watch me WIN THAT CAR!!- ivydiamond

Bob's showcase hostesses; dinner & a movie. - audiominer

The travel one and I would bid $8123- hector

I have no idea what you are asking about. But I guess I would bid 12 dollars for my lost mind.- Guava

Good Answer AwardEr...the car showcase? If that even is a showcase...I used to be obsessed with that show but I've completely forgotten about what showcases there were considering that its been years since I've watched it. My bid would be my first born I suppose, I've forgotten what the maximum bid that was allowed but I think first borns were acceptable...- Pyro Princezz

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