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Can you perform any sort of tricks, magic or otherwise?

I can limbo. Oh, and I can do Calculus. o_o- bluemonkeyfearer

yes, i don't know if you would call it magik but, well, i can put my whole fist in someone elses mouth. wanna see.- Missattitudz

I hav'nt learned anything more impressive than using those fancy indoor flush toilets. I can tie my own shoes and even eat without cutting myself most of the time. Don't ask me to do anything more complicated than that.- lame guy

I can guess the name of a movie someone is talking about if they only tell me the actors that are in it. Not really a trick...more of a confirmation of my dorkishness.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Monkey ButtUh..No.- Streak9

Well there's this one thing I can do while wearing some Spongebob Squarepants boxers that I have... but that story is for another type of website...- No name the nameless

I can make people shut up quickly.That's an awsome power!- mad_patrol

Monkey Buttnope- losingsanity13

O! yes! watch this: . . . . . . Wasn't that cool?!?! yea i didnt think so either. i guess it takes a fine taste to apriceate spastic seisures...... i am quite good at being scisors. i also do light italian oprah.- bobthemouse09

Monkey Buttno- Sam

nope...though I did pick up an egg out of a bucket of ice with the crack of my ass during an initiation.- Poptart

Monkey Buttno- Lucy

Yeah, I can wiggle my ears, bobble my adams apple, and flair my nostrils simultaniously.- Cessna

Good Answer AwardI can turn my foot around 180 degrees because I have loose joints, no joke. It's magical because I can make people's faces turn white. - oxie

Good Answer Awardyeah i can make people think i actually give a rats ass about their problems- beavis'sbutt

Good Answer AwardI have the uncanny ability to, when under distress, call an assortment of drunk and mentally handycapped illegal immigrants of multiple nationalities to my aid. Just the other night I was being stoned cause i was branded as a witch. I simply called to the nearest illegal with my mental ability and the vietnamese owners of the corner market were there to save the day, immigrant style. This mostly consisted of pelting the would-be stoners with dead baby limbs. - we'd accept a gay trash

I can perform, as David Letterman would call it, a Stupid Human Trick. Basically, I can make it look as though I've dislocated my bionic shoulder and have twisted it abnormally in order for my hand to touch my shoulder blade. It's hard to explain. I have it on video, though, and it looks gross. Woo! I can also wiggle my ears.- McDiablo

Yes- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer Awardno! no i am completely talentless in this department...HOWEVER i would very much like to share some of my gnosis with all of you bitches! THE TRICK TO NOT GETTING DINO AWARDS IS AS FOLLOWS: answering poorly such as "i dunno", "this site sucks", "i eat babies", "stupid question", and all other lame-ass answers like this. im so sick and tired of having my optical wellbeing bombarded with these crappy statments while i struggle to find my place on the answer results because ive got nothing better to do. i really feel since most people don't do so well with subtlety let me be completely overt about what im trying to say...STOP...STOP RIGHT NOW...ANSWER THE FREAKING QUESTIONS WITH AMUSING ANSWERS OR DON'T ANSWER AT ALL. BITCH.- Dougy Fresh

Sure can! I can shuffle cards with my dick.- biillyyzz

get out of the room and take that mirror with you... VWALA! IM INVISIBLE!- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardOne time when I farted, the twin towers exploded. I'm not sure that's really a trick...- LostinthePurple

No, I have no tricks up my sleeve and can not perform and sort of magic. But then we get to the otherwise category, which in my current state of boredom will include what ever I feel like typing and that is the fact that surveillance cameras have no purpose at all. They only give the owner a false sense of security. I have dodged past, cut wires and manipulated them so they are watching a nearby wall or just totally black, I must add that this was all very easy and required very little effort. Of course it’s not like I do any thing bad when the cameras aren’t watching me…… Well actually now that I think about it tweaking cameras could be a trick. So, there you have it destroying surveillance cameras is my trick.- blonde hair, pink Freak

Good Answer AwardI can piss my name into the snow without having the bonus of a penis.- Lovin the butt sex!

Monkey Butthell no- Jay Killa

i can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tounge and i can touch my nose with my tounge. - 6inchhookerheels

Monkey ButtNo- Fuckwit

i can hear albert einstein- doesntreallymatter

i can suck start a harley- ape

i can suk me own cock - EsKEmO

Draw a barn using one unbroken line...this thing with my arms that makes me look doublejointed, a few that are xxx rated and which make me proud to be me!- ivydiamond

Yes, crack eggs into a bowl with one hand. - audiominer

Monkey Buttno- hector

Monkey Buttnope- Guava

There's this one thing that I can do with my tongue.- beerbad

I can turn my soul inside out....oh and I can make cute lil balloon animals too!- Pyro Princezz

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