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If you lost your mind, where do you think you would look to find it?
(If you're already lost it, where have you looked for it or where did you find it?)

Good Answer AwardWhenever I lose my mind, I tend to find it cowering inside my left shoe.- bluemonkeyfearer

hmmmm...the zoo. Now before you think thats stupid i do have a reason. Even if i don't find my mind i will be in for a day of family fun and the hunting oh the hunting they have is just amazing. one time i even bagged a tourist. - Missattitudz

It would be right where I left it. I just need to figure that out. I would have to backtrack my steps to the point where it was lost and it would just be right there. I just can't remember anyplace I've been since I lost my mind.- lame guy

I never had a mind,so I dont know were to start looking.Maybe in my head? Nope, nothing.- mad_patrol

Well technically if I lost my mind, I wouldn't really be thinking. Thus, I wouldn't really care that I had lost my mind, because I probably wouldn't miss it anyway due to my loss of cognative thought. Which of course means that for once in my life I would be blissfully happy.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Probably under the car, that's where my cat ended up.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardWow, this is tough. I have had some people tell me that I've already lost it, but I don't think so. I still have enough mental willpower not to slice and dice people as I see fit. If I did decide that I'd lost it, I'd just look in the trash. If somebody else found it, that's probably where they'd put it.- No name the nameless

under my cars seat- losingsanity13

Good Answer Awardwell this one time back in 'ississippi there was this dog. then he told me my mind was a magical yam that had the power to destroy worlds. i asked him where it was and he said it is in the- just then he got hit by a bus of singing nuns. i joined the nuns and they turned out to be cult members and they told me i could find it on the mother ship when it comes. so here i wait for that fatefull day......- bobthemouse09

If I lost my mind I'd be gone and wouldn't have a clue. I'd be too out of it.- Sam

Good Answer AwardI've looked everywhere !! I've come to the conclusion JCP keeps it in a jar on a shelf in her office.- Poptart

my boyfriends house, he usually sends me insane!!! - Lucy

In the clouds.- Cessna

Good Answer AwardI usually have to look near nuclear power plants because my brain's wires are made of corroded corrupted corrosive copper. The wires fray and cross each other a lot you see. And they make sparks. But yes - nuclear power plants since all sorts of weird chemicals end up getting mixed up there. - oxie

like i always say you cant lose somthing you never had to begin with- beavis'sbutt

I usually lose my mind when I can't find something. Usually, I put this lost thing somewhere and I actually remember where it is, but it goes missing, and I turn into a frantic, crying mess when I try and look for it. It's a terrible sight to see. I'd say my mind ends up being wherever the misplaced thing is, because once I find it, I go back to normal--uh, if you define me or any aspect of my life as being "normal."- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI'd look in the drawer on the far side of the kitchen, away from the stove and refrigerator, where all that crap seems to magically gather. Since mostly useless, inane, or completely unfamiliar objects gather there, it is exactly the place for my brain to be.- Archbishop Shaggy

well ive never personally "lost" anything that lacks material reality. we must distinguish between the human mind and the material substance that harbors the mind, the human brain. if i lost my brain i would imagine it could only be located in one of two unfortunate places: a jar of vinegar in some crazy-ass scientists lab (and by crazy-ass scientist i really mean someone whose not a scientist at all but a sci-freak who only thinks he's a scientist...with acne) or buffeted on some local highway...because some stupid old ass asian woman probably killed me with their totally unpredictable driving. why can't the government realize that not all stereotypes are wrong. most say its racist...I SAY ITS TRUE. STOP ASIAN WOMEN FROM DRIVING EVERYWHERE. PROTEST! P R O T E S T!- Dougy Fresh

I've lost it. Haven't found it. Looked for it in many mouths and asses, though.- biillyyzz

Lost it. Haven’t found it. Never will find it. it was sent on the challenger space shuttle.- Ishkabilly

Don't worry about my mind. It's safely tucked away in a place noooo one will find it. I was voted "Best at Hiding Things' my sophomore year of high school. I also got all the babes. So don't worry. My mind is perfectly safe. - LostinthePurple

Good Answer AwardThe good news is that I still have my mind! Kudos for me! But, the only way I was able to keep it was in an envelope that was clearly labeled with my address so that when I did forget it somewhere, who ever found it would be nice enough to mail it back to me. It was a wise idea but the finder usually tried to be the keeper and put my mind in their head, but I am too crazy and freakish for anybody to have in their head for very long so I usually got my mind back in no less then a week. And there are a few downsides to keeping your mind in an envelope, it gets very dried out after awhile and with that some people tend to find me a little boring. That does not bother me very much since those people already lost their mind for the reason that they were not smart enough to put in an envelope like me! - blonde hair, pink Freak

If I were to lose my mind, I would check every orifices on my person and if it should happen to not turn up I would send out a search party with the reward of a bottle of cat urine and an old persons sprinkler that I stole six months ago.- Lovin the butt sex!

in my bed- Jay Killa

well it would most likly be in my underwear.- 6inchhookerheels

I've looked everywhere but it's nowhere to be found.- Fuckwit

a blackhole- doesntreallymatter

in a deep dark alley- ape

under the couch evcerything ends up there- EsKEmO

I didn't find it, it found me....I (think) I was perfectly content without it, or is that impossible because you need your mind to think in the first place?!- ivydiamond

If I lost my mind I would never find it again.- audiominer

Monkey Buttdon't know- hector

Good Answer AwardI started to look in my wifes closet, but it wasn't there. Then I tried the compost bin, because that was the last time I remember I had it, but it wasn't there either. Now i am so tired, so I don't care anymore.- Guava

Monkey ButtIn a crack pipe.- beerbad

Jeez...I got rid of that annoying thing a long time ago. I'm not sure where I lost it though. I've looked everywhere, in the fridge, the freezer, my garage, my attic, the mall, the local satanic church (I did find my soul there however), the christian church...its probably in the library though. I imagine I lost it while having sex with that hot librarian guy...or was that my virginity? - Pyro Princezz

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