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What IS the most freakish show on Earth and what makes it SO freaky?

I would have to say The Boondocks. I don't watch it often. It kind of scares me. What with all the black people, and the old guy with one twitchy eye.... o_O It worries me. I think you meant "freakiest", by the way. If you didn't, then may the grammar gods smite me for all eternity.- bluemonkeyfearer

oprah. Everyone knows that all the child appropriate daytime shit goes down on oprah.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardMaybe if the InsaneDomain was a TV show it will be the freakish show on Earth. MAYBE.- mad_patrol

Wicked Wicked Games on the CW network, b/c Tatum O'Neal is trying to have a career again in a bullshit nighttime soap opera. If that's not freaky, then i don't know what is...- idontmindthesunsometimes

Probably clowns. There's no explanation needed, they're just FREAKY.- Streak9

I'd say that'd be the Donkey Show. It's freaky because humans and donkeys should not be trading sexual favors, unless it is paid for, mutually agreed upon by both parties, and condoms are used.- No name the nameless

bullsh!t- losingsanity13

Good Answer Awardthe freakish show on earth is a show i will design my self. there will lots of cake and pudding. occasionally some yams will be thrown in. then there will be bears on unicycles that attack the audiance.after that we will have third graders attempt to play really squeaky instruments. the crowd will then comment on them as if they were eleite band musicy people. in other words they will boo and throw things. large fires would then be set on piles of fruitcake. then after all is done we will go to a commercial break.- bobthemouse09

Exactly what it is called, Freak Show; people who unfortuneately don't look like us "Normal" people. But in reality, we are all freaks in our own ways.- Sam

The View enough said- Poptart

youv'e been framed...don't no y- Lucy

Good Answer AwardBirth. They come out looking like little aliens. Besides watching the "hey-nanni-nanni" stretch like that is kind of mind blowing.- Cessna

all of em, what are you retarded- beavis'sbutt

I'd have to say childbirth. Do I even need to explain? All you have to do is watch a 2 second video clip of a baby being pulled out of a woman and you'll understand why it's so damn freaky.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardThe Simple Life, because for the life of me I can't understand how the hell they get ratings. Thinking of how many people actually tune in and choose to watch that scares the crap out of me, I mean it's a lot of people! *Some of them might be living next door*...... (I'm scared, hold me.)- Archbishop Shaggy

The Upside-Down Show! It is so fucking messed up! Any two grown men that run around exploring the very hairy room with fur balls called schmuzzies have to have been abused at age six or molested at twelve. - Girroxmysox

OMG TELETUBBIES! anyone who has ever seen that show and has some relatively high level of critical thinking skills will quickly discover that the blatant homosexuality and disordered flash of colors and unreasonable changes in story plots is not the real problem. so what is you ask?!? THE BATTLE BETWEEN SUN-BABY AND WINDMILL. the windmill calls to the fucked up is that? and sun-baby is the only force that can both repel and reverse evil windmill's evil intoxicating powers over this alternate creation. hwoever unfortunately sun-baby is confined by thte forces of solar rotation as in...orbit and so when sun-baby has to set THERE IS NO CHECK ON WINDMILL'S POWER. that show is not funny...its not funny even a little bit. and even though i think sun-baby is good guy i'm still freaked out a little by the fact that theres a baby in the sun who is giant and emotional. this show needs canceling. **shivers**- Dougy Fresh

My stage show. I take off my shirt. - biillyyzz

Poke'mon.... stuff a giant turtle into a little ball... - Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardTom and Jerry. There is no plausible reason that cat hasn't caught that damn mouse yet. Except for the fact that it would totally ruin the show for children. "Oh no childs! Look away! Jerry's gonna die!" "No, mommy, he's just playing with it." *CRUNCH* "HOLY CRAP! He snapped the little rodent's spine!" "Mommy, why is ketchup coming out of Jerry's mouth?" It's time kids learned the facts of life anyway.- Rabid Dustbunny

Good Answer AwardI don’t watch much TV, so I spent my precious time finding a TV show worthy of being called freaky. My research has returned one very weird show that unfortunately comes only in Japanese, it is (drum roll) Chimpan News Channel or CNC. The basic idea of it is that the Japanese have gotten so extremely bored and have no other way to spend their money, so they have come up with the grand idea of creating a news channel for animals that is made for the most part (I am so not kidding) by a chimp, a dog, and a duck. ALL of which receive substantial incomes for making animal noise on TV, I know not much more then what this years top actors accomplished. Though I can not understand any part of this show it is still hilarious to see a chimpanzee in a suit supposedly interviewing a dog and both sem to be highly intelligent until the dog starts chasing the duck. If you wish to find out and more about it their official website is - blonde hair, pink Freak

Teletubbies. Its that freak ass laughter man. Subliminal messaging.- Lovin the butt sex!

Twin Peaks but its a cool freaky, and its freaky cause the midget and Evil Spirit Bob.- Your Name Here

Monkey ButtI dont Know- Jay Killa

hmm id have to say spongebob squarwe pants because its a show for children and its nothin but homosexuals, smokin pot, hating your neighbor, havin a shitty ass job, and bein a complete idiot.. but i like it..- 6inchhookerheels

As above.- Fuckwit

rosie - one twinkie away from godzilla status- doesntreallymatter

the freaks- ape

"willard" because it is about a scitzophrenic 30 mummys boy, finding rats befriending them and then they turn into mass murderers for no reason at all its awsom- EsKEmO

Any "news" broadcast/program being show...and do I REALLY need to elaborate as to what makes them so freaky? Didn't think so.- ivydiamond

Circ 'd Solie; contortionists.- audiominer

Monkey Buttdon't know- hector

American Idol. Some of them really think tehy can sing.- Guava

Good Answer AwardAmerican Idol: Because of all the dumb fucks that sit in front of the TV to see who the next 20 second star will be while drinking beer and masturbating to Paula Abdul.- beerbad

I've never WATCHED or LISTENED to his show but you know I'd hazard to guess that Howard Stern's show would be a good choice for that award...for obvious reasons. Although if you want my opinion based on shows I've actually seen I'd have to say that this one british show that I don't remember the name of but was quite freaky. These people were in of the members of the space crew was a gay vampire...enough said. - Pyro Princezz

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