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When the chaos, fires and riots begin, which will you choose to participate in and why?

I'll burn some things. I like fire. But I'll do so in the background, away from the other rioters. I wouldn't want to get hurt.- bluemonkeyfearer

Good Answer Awardchaos. Because i don't like to have my creativity stiffeld and with fire you just have to burn things and with a riot you are almost obligated to loot. but you see with chaos there is a very broad range of destruction to be had.- Missattitudz

Fire of course. I love fire. Burn it up baby.- lame guy

Fires. I've always been fascinated by the way a fire can just swallow something whole in flames. And, I could toast some marshmallows. - idontmindthesunsometimes

The chaos. Chaos is just me, there is no me without total and utter chaos.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI'll have a little fun doing all of them, but the fires would be the most fun. I'll find a large group of rioters and set them on fire so they can spread my love of fire to all around them.- No name the nameless

all- losingsanity13

Good Answer Awardi think i would like the riots. the fires seem too hot and the chaos seems like my head durring geometry. i would also make an attempt to combine the three. i would give the rioters flaming tourches and once their hair catches on fire there will be chaos. i will then be elected to be their lord and master.- bobthemouse09

I will not do anything because I will be far away on my remote island.- Sam

I'll be looting...trying to acquire as many supplies as I can. ie guns, ammo, food, fire extinguishers etc- Poptart

Monkey Buttno coz am allergic to pain...- Lucy

I'm a chaos person myself. I suppose because you can participate in it without offending anyone. I'm more of a run and hide type, actually, but that wasn't an option now was it?- Cessna

Whichever has the best music, simply because I am attracted to the most insane music, which leads to fun and insane people. - oxie

fire, chaos and riots get most of the media attention and i think it has a negative effect on fires sense of self worth, besides you can pretty much end chaos and riots with little effort, fire on the other hand takes a bit of finesse- beavis'sbutt

I'd participate in all three by throwing Molotov cocktails at buildings and/or people. Okay, I wouldn't throw them at people, but committing random acts of arson does seem enjoyable and a nice way to spend a weeknight. But, I'd most likely go to my local 7-Eleven and use my ninja army to defend it from the chaotic crowd of pyromaniacs. Thou shalt NOT destroy Slurpee machines!- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardThe riots, because these naturally include the chaos and fire, so therefore I get to have all three. It's liking having your molotov cocktail and throwing it too.- Archbishop Shaggy

yoga. i'll just meditate and do weird slow sun dances which somehow translate into me arching my back in new and obscure ways. i mean after all yogi's can't get burned and trampled right? i don't think so...i can you burn an old guy with face paint and large flower beads whose just staring off into space for 30 years while standing on one hand? see if they can get me now...DOUCHES MWHWAHAHAHA!- Dougy Fresh

Fired and chaos. Riots... too many people who might want to kill me.- biillyyzz

I’ll be the person sitting back beer in hand, having a hearty laugh while I watch the idiots burn themselves because they choose to catch the rioters on fire- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardAren't fires and riots a part of chaos? Or is chaos a mischeivious practice all it's own? Are there guidelines for chaos? Like, you need a chimpanzee with you to be causing chaos. So when you're all rioting, and the villagers are like, "Oh no! They're causing chaos!" You can be like, "Nu-uh! We have no monkey!" Unless sock monkeys count. In which nearly everything TID does is chaos. Isn't it chaos to begin with though? Or do the sock monkeys just add a little flavor to the chaos?- Rabid Dustbunny

I don't think I would be any where near any of that. Not that it all sounds like lots of self-satisfying entertainment, but I would be stuck in this insignificant, small town. Or in a redefined way, the far, frozen reaches of hell where the news comes just as fast as the demonic old ladies who insist on driving their motor powered wheelchairs in the middle of the road making all cars travel and a speedy 5 MPH!! So unless the riots include refusing to send yarn and knick-knacks to our shabby drugstore, which then the grannies would join the chaos, I believe I will remain tragically unaware of anything of those sorts happening in the world. *on a side note those ugly lawn ornaments that the old ladies proudly display in the front of their houses, make interesting trophies to show off to your friends, when you steal them from their yard, just thought you would like to know….. - blonde hair, pink Freak

I think I will be out collecting dismembered limbs, because riots always leave behind limbs, and make a necklace out of them. Afterwards I will set a dingo loose in the maternaty ward of the local hospital.- Lovin the butt sex!

Fires, cause they're pretty.- Your Name Here

riots because i like to get hurt- Jay Killa

umm i would participate in all of them but as long as its in the right order. if its lets burn the mall down then lets go rob the mall that wont work for me. id rather run screaming into a store grab everything i want and as im leaving ill torch the place therefor causeing chaos..- 6inchhookerheels

All of them because they all sound like fun.- Fuckwit

none of the above. with such stuff happening it means my plan worked and i'm living it up comfortably in rio.- doesntreallymatter

chaos thats wht i m all about- ape

RiOtS so me and my mates so can get in da SX shops and snatch grab- EsKEmO

The riots, because everyone likes "free" stuff, right?- ivydiamond

Head for the hills.- audiominer

Monkey Buttnone of the above- hector

Fires. I hate to be cold.- Guava

Riots: you can get shit.- beerbad

Good Answer AwardI will choose to participate in the chaos, fires, and riots promoting the death of stupid, vain people. The reason? Simply because I'm tired of the pretty people who are adored for their beauty so much that they never bothered to develop an interesting or even tolerable personality or any intellect whatsoever. Also, their stupidity wouldn't be as annoying if they didn't think their stupidity was oh so cute and funny. Stupidity is not cute, its not funny, its just annoying and disgusting to people who ACTUALLY have a brain.- Pyro Princezz

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