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If you were on a reality TV show, which one would it be and why? - Becca

Good Answer AwardI live in my reality, and there are no TV shows there.- Junkie Deluxe

I really hate the reality TV shows, mostly because they are such obvious contrivences of fake scenarios and fake interactions designed to produced fake conflict that would only satisfy the former audience of the Jerry Springer Show. I would create my own reality survival show in which the contestants are all dropped from an airplane, at 10,000 feet with only a parachute and a knife over a small uninhabited island in the southern Indian Ocean. The island has 200 prepositioned hidden webcams, meager food sources, only one source of fresh water (not quite potable), and 1,000 poisonous snakes. When there is only one contestant left living the show is over and he, or she, (yeah right) wins 1 million British pounds and free legal defense representation for the inevitable criminal and civil murder charges to be filed against him. Oh yes, and for a little politically incorrect excitement the gay contestants parachutes have been packed by chimpanzees.- Grape Douchebag

jackass because i like doing some stupid stuff- Dumbass without a Name

Reality shows blow times fifty!- G-Rod

The Mole, cause scheming is the best- Life Essence

Am I not already? I've been doing all this stuff for the cameras and no one has been watching? DAMMIT. I'd have to go for Shipwrecked. The idea of hanging around on a tropical island doing simple yet necessary survival and physical tasks is quite appealing to me. I do, however, suffer from the fact that I find most of the people who appear on these things to be a bunch of contemptible fuckbags.- Mzebonga

Big Brother. I could con the shit out of everyone on the show by using their personal weaknesses to manipulate them. And their demise would make me smile.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I'm going to admit something here: I watch America's Next Top Model. That said, I'd go on Canada's Next Top Model. I'd probably be boring in that I don't have hissy fits, freak out over bugs or sea life, and don't fight with other people, but I'd strive to be the first asymmetrical model EVER. Oh, and the shortest. OK, screw that. I'll just go on the show as a way to practice my assassination skills, ninja style, as a means to attract future employers. Watch out, you skinny bitches!...and the odd plus-sized girl.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardNo matter which one it started out as, I would end up on COPS. As would end up severely beating everyone involved with the show, setting a few fires, and possible indecent exposure.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardAll of the shows I've had the misfortune of seeing, most seem to think it's okay to put cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms of where the participants are staying. I'm NOT cool with that. I need some damned privacy and why the hell does anyone need to see me as I sleep? No one. So I'd end-up in some home renovation show where I could break some stuff, hammer a few things together and then throw some paint at it. I'd be the most popular participant ever, I'd win the show and then be given my own show. Yep, that's just how it'd go and how dare you say otherwise.- JCP

Intervention, because i like drugs.- agent_of_truth

The news, cause it is the easier one to get on.- emmie

I most defiantly have to choose The Donor. That show is an awfully evil show!! The basis of it is that 3 contestants have to woo over the mysterious donor "Lisa" just to get her kidney because she is going to die soon. People finally got bored with money and went to competing for human body parts! Yea! I want a leg! Anyway, if I was on the show I would choose to be the donor so when I choose the most pathetic person I could get a fatal disease that would go undetected until the transplant so the contestant would die!! The ultimate murder! - If I olny had a navel....

Good Answer AwardSometimes I wonder if I am already on a reality show called life which consists of me doing stupid things when I think no one is watching and everyone is laughing hysterically.- Cheesy Pickle

American Idol. Because I can not sing but own a 12 gauge pump with Simone's name on a shell. - reddnex

Survivor so could poison every ones food to kill them and blame it on the harsh conditions. This would cause a mass panic of the media. Then I would go on national television and say it was an act of God to tell us that ALL THE IDIOTIC REALITY SHOWS NEED TO END!!!! Thus getting my wish to watch more intelligent TV.- sharpie sniffer

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