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Admit it, you like to peer through the blinds and spy on your neighbours. What weird things have you discovered about them? Do you often wonder if your neighbours are spying on YOU? - McDiablo

Have you seen my neighbors? Its bad enough looking at them with their clothes on! C'mon now... I'd feel equally as bad for the assault on their eyes if they were looking at me. I'm a freak!- Junkie Deluxe

Good Answer AwardOne weird experience I've had, was with my neighbor's son. He's like 40 and still lives with his parents. Well one day I was using the computer which is in the living room, and from my computer chair, I can see out a side window of my house. Between my yard and my neighbor's yard, there's a picket fence and on our side of the fence is a tree. Well one day, the window was open and I was just sitting and all of a sudden, I head "YIYIYYIYIYI!" and I look and see my neighbor running towards the tree screaming. He stopped and turned around and walked away. I was rather spooked. I guess one of my greatest discoveries, was that my neighbors like to yell at trees. He had no right to yell at my tree!- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardI havn't seen anything that comes anywhere near to the excitement of my fantasy life. I am surrounded by ugly, overweight, alcoholic, codependant abusers, delinquents, and current or ex criminals. The fact that they all keep their blinds and curtains tightly shut is no less than a great relief to me. My fantasy spying however yeilds intruiging lesbian threesomes, orgies, and spanking sessions carried out on balconies or poolside patios where I could easily watch undiscovered for hours at a time. - Grape Douchebag

Monkey Buttidk no clue lol- Dumbass without a Name

Good Answer AwardI was sitting on my roof like I do every summer (I like that people don't bug me up there), and I noticed my neighbor sitting on his deck. He was grilling, like usual, but then I noticed something very strange. He was sitting on a lawn chair with both hands on a Nike running shoe (I know this because I used to work for the guy and thats all he wore) pumping it up and down on his crotch. It took me a minute to realize exactly what was going on, but when I did, I damn near fell off my roof laughing, for all I could think was "That sure as hell wasn't what Nike meant by 'Just Do It'".- G-Rod

well, there is a 15ft fence between, me and my neighbour, and on the other side is a bare paddock, so I can't answer this one. No, for the same reasons- Life Essence

I'm sure my neighbours watch what I do with great interest. However, since I live upstairs in the highest point of the street, they can't really see much below window level and will never know that I never wear trousers or underwear when I'm home.- Mzebonga

All I can see is my neighbors watching sports, which leads me to believe that they are mindless drones of society. I hope they spy on me. I like to perform for my audience.- idontmindthesunsometimes

I've learned: The neighbour to the left of us is a dick who isn't too kind to women; The people across from us have a pen of pitbull puppies in their garage; The guy next to us, we suspect, has a grow-op (he only shows up at the house a handful of times during the week, which makes us joke that he's watering his plants). What would the neighbours discover if they spied on US? Not much, except that we have the tendency to be kind of loud, we make our cat talk, and we have an unhealthy (or maybe it could be healthy in the long run) obsession with a certain cooking magazine, What's Cooking (distributed by Kraft Canada). *Drools*- McDiablo

I have no neighbors that can be seen from any of my windows. Which is why I am disturbed that I can clearly see that they are performing satanic rituals.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardFrom my spying, I've found out that my neighbours like to: Sit, stand, use their BBQ and laugh. This doesn't scare me so hopefully they haven't seen me and think I'M the creepy one in the neighbourhood. (I'm the freaky one, not the creepy one.)- JCP

Good Answer AwardThey hang their clothes out to dry on the line, even if it is obviously going to rain. I only wonder about them spying after masturbating in front of a curtainless window. I kinda go oops, maybe i should've picked a less apparent locale.- agent_of_truth

Good Answer AwardMy neighbors put up a privacy fence because I like to hang out in the back yard naked.- emmie

Good Answer AwardAll my neighbors are normal; I am the weird one that they spy on. I don't think they are spying on me but rather they are watching me to make sure that I am not making bombs, starting a meth lab, raising fighting rooster, running a mortuary or any other weird things I haven't tried yet.... My neighbors dream of the day when I move away or die, but as long as they don't murder me I’ll live there forever just to infuriate them!!!- If I olny had a navel....

They leave all their lights on and watch pornos all the time. I leave my blinds shut you can't see me.- Cheesy Pickle

I caught my neighbor watching tv one evening. I have nothing to hide and leave my blinds open to see how many people are pretending not to look in my place.- reddnex

Neighbors..... Oh yeah I’m sure I have a few but I haven't been out of my house in 16 years.... The world scares me..... And I have enough food to last me 20 more so I am not going out to check for these um… Neighbor things- sharpie sniffer

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