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Awards given out by JCP

Do you care that this question is not of a particularly inventive nature? - Mzebonga

Not particularly.- Junkie Deluxe

Monkey ButtOf course not! Just being able to respond to a question asked by Mzebonga is an honour! (Look! I even spelled Honour the way Mzebonga would!)- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardNow I, for one, do care and therefore I award one big smelly monkey butt award for the complete lack of effort expended on this question.- Grape Douchebag

Good Answer AwardMzebonga sucks apples.- G-Rod

Monkey Buttno, because when you think about it, the question did have an inventive nature, to refer to itself as not having an inventive nature, this making a logical loop hole all because you couldn't think of a question to put here. 2nd thought: it's very original, that question.- Life Essence

Monkey ButtI think it's a perfectly inventive nature and, as per usual, the person asking this question is doing himself a gross disservice.- Mzebonga

Monkey ButtYou? Inventive? Since when are any of these questions particularly inventive?- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardI do care. I care so much that it hurts. But, you know what this question could really use? Do you? MORE COWBELL! *Konk! Konk! Konk! Konk!*- McDiablo

Nope, it doesn't even bother me that your a douchebag.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardIt comes from you Mzebonga and no one expects anything more. You clearly lack imagination and have decided to start lashing out at the world around you via this website. Cheer up, put on a happy face.- JCP

I believe that to be a false statement.- agent_of_truth

actually I wonder if you care that that is the best you could come up with.- emmie

Good Answer AwardYes I do!! If I am going to turn on my computer wait for my slow dial-up to connect and then load the page and then load the link and spend my time typing answers, I would like for the questions to not only be inventive but also entertaining. I expect none the less from you guys, and you better not let me down or I'll send the wrath of my grandma to inflict you with burnt cookies, sagging breasts, ugly glasses and 30 diseased cats! Beware!!- If I olny had a navel....

Do you care that i'm not wearing any pants?- Cheesy Pickle

Not at all I have no targets to shoot now and am bored.- reddnex

Not really becuase I have run out of particularly inventive things to say but the person who thinks I am her slave but really she is my slave says I must so yes I do care NOW GO AWAY YOU VOICE IN MY HEAD!!- sharpie sniffer

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