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Every one has a confort zone they fall back into when reality stabs them in the back.
What has been that most recent assaination attempt by reality and wh
ere or what is your comfort zone? - Ishkabilly

Reality seems to attack me daily. So my comfort zone is anywhere with a fat sack of... money? Well, no... but it is green!- Junkie Deluxe

Good Answer AwardEvery morning I awake and gradually realise my identity as I shed the fog of sleep. After convincing myself one more time not to suck on a shotgun barrel I go about my daily routine and go to work at the sewage treatment plant. I get the smackdown gut punch of reality every day. When I get home to my empty apartment I go to my happy place on the internet aimlessly drifting through web pages discovered through randomn search inquiries. Thats how I found this place. I don't enjoy drugs or alcohol so this is the next best thing. I do like to keep a sharp mind anyway, I wouldn't want to miss one depressing moment of my miserable exsistance. - Grape Douchebag

Good Answer Awardthat bikes hurt and gravity is REALLY mean- Dumbass without a Name

*looks over at InsaneTalk* Umm, Thursday?- G-Rod

most likely of my right hand, so I can replace it with a mechanical one (that would be soo cool)- Life Essence

Unfortunately, the last attack on me was by people I work with on my comfort zone so my comfort zone is GONE. This is making me more irritable and disagreeable than normal. You probably haven't noticed the difference, though.- Mzebonga

Reality has tried to tell me that i can afford to live anyway due to my lack of funds. Thus, I have retreated to the solace of many lovers' beds.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardEvery day is an assassination attempt by good 'ol life. Shit gets thrown in your way to see how much you can take and how well you cope. 7-Eleven used to be a good place of comfort, but that costs money. Nowadays, after another day of reality's bullshit, my best comfort zone is lying in my bed and listening to music until I fall asleep. Then, I wake up and put up with everything all over again.- McDiablo

The girl who I was sleeping with stopped coming by. So i return to masturbation, is that a comfort zone?- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardI'm not at a point in my therapy where I feel I can discuss this further, or at all. *Sob* That was all lies. The real answer is: IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I know you get off on my misery and I'm not feeding that sick hunger of yours. HA!- JCP

Good Answer AwardSo I'm in my kitchen, nuking up a burger, when a giant wasp falls into my kitchen sink. So I of course bolted. I acquired the necessary tools for the task at hand, and trapped, smashed, and then drowned that fucker. My comfort zone; winter.- agent_of_truth

My comfort zone is my room... sadly it seems to be a lot of other people's comfort zone too... there's no where to hide :(- emmie

Me have a comfort zone? I am the psycho who makes people go into their comfort zone.- If I olny had a navel....

Last night me and my friends were picked up by the cops for simply walking down the road my comfort zone was to sing piggy pie in the back of the car and be extremly sarcastic.- Cheesy Pickle

My comfort zone would be the good ole 12 pack.- reddnex

I've never been out of my house in 16 years so reality ceased to exsist when I became a recluse...- sharpie sniffer

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