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Awards given out by JCP

Do you believe that we actually read and/or care about the answer you give? - G-Rod

Yes, I believe you sit up at night praying to your god (if any) that I answer. You can rest easy now... I'm here.- Junkie Deluxe

Good Answer AwardOf course you do, I mean you don't have anything better to do either do you? I can't be the only one with no life and no freinds. I can imagine the whole team of you sitting around your computors waiting breathlessly for my latest replies to the questionaire. I imagine that you even place bets on who will come up with the best and the worst replies. You even have fantasy teams of the reqular participants and keep track of our scores on an elaborate chart culminating with a fantasy awards cerimony dinner every October.- Grape Douchebag

not really- Dumbass without a Name

Look! Its my question! I'm so honored to have been listed. *stares at the wonder of his name written in...* Wait...why the hell is it...WHO PUT IT IN THAT COLOUR!? I'm calling my agent!- G-Rod

hell no, but it makes you think, I don't get to do that at school.- Life Essence

No. But I do, so why the fuck should I care what you think?- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardNot at all. But it brings me a sense of pathetic satisfaction to recieve a "good answer award".- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardDon't ruin this for me! Someone reads this. Someone loves it. Someone takes pleasure in awarding people with pictures of monkey asses. Some people actually go through old questionnaires and read the answers and laugh and reminisce about...stuff. Uh, not me, though. *Cough*- McDiablo

Read yes, care no.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardOf course you do, you have nothing else going on in your life except this website, these questions and JCP

I suppose you probably read it, but care about it, well, that would depend on how entertaining it was I assume.- agent_of_truth

Of course you do... silly.- emmie

Good Answer AwardIf you do of if you don't, it doesn't matter to me. The only reason I answer these questionnaires in the first place is because the small boy named Victor who lives in my DVD player said I have too because this site is so very awesome and is the best and most enjoyable way to waste your time. He also said if I don't post my answers he won't let me watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. - If I olny had a navel....

No it's a conspiracy maybe YOU want me to think you do.- Cheesy Pickle

Not at all. - reddnex

I believe that Jesus loves me, I believe that I can fly, I believe that I need to be committed to a asylum and do believe that you must care about the answers or you wouldn't have this questionnaire running- sharpie sniffer

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