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What has the TV been telling you to do with your life and do you think it's right in any way?

Good Answer AwardTV has told me to go to college, get an education, and do something with my life. It has told me that I can become famous if I keep my heart at it. But you know, firstly, TV is all crap to keep the minds of the average citizen under control and prevent rebellion. What better way to stop a rebellion than to make another movie about rebellious people, right? About that whole education bullshit, while it may depend on where you live. In the USA where I am especially, everyone is expected to graduate college. Good education some say. Bull, that just means that graduating college means nothing because everyone is doing it. So there, even if you do listen to the TV, it means nothing.- Donnie

the play soccer(errr a footie) but I'm way too old and fat !- Poptart

to by a bunch of stupid shit, and no.- jo

basically, it tells me to lose weight. right before all the wendys and mcdonalds commercials. i dont get it. maybe i should just stop watching tv.- joytoy

Good Answer AwardAccording to TV I'm overweight, underactive,underpaid, suffer from anxiety, have bladder control issues, buy the wrong brand of everything and everything I buy is tainted!, I can't sleep, I can't shit, I shouldn't drink, smoke, have sex, or breathe without a filtration system, and to top it all off...every man is impotent! TV is made to remind us that life's a bitch...oh yeah, we are all gonna end up old and in nursing homes, with prepaid funerals, no loved ones, and that little button around our neck. See you there!- sseedie

Good Answer AwardThe tv tells me to get plastic surgery, eat fast food, get skinny, buy shit that I don't need, lose my sense of individuality, and make an ass out of myself in front of large audiences. I say, welcome to contradictory hell.- idontmindthesunsometimes

It has Been telling me to Pee on the most sophisticated electronic device I will ever pee on.- Budi

well i was watching daytime tewlevision and there was a commercial for mcdonnalds, so i bought a cheeseburger only to feel guilty when a weight loss commercial came on. so i bought some of their pills. then a commercial came on about all these people who have genital herpes and were verry happy because they were on some odd medication, but they were all doing really fun stuff like riding bikes and skiing, so i went out and- well never mind. i learned my lesson and feel that tv is evil and not right in any way.- bobthemouse09

to stop watching it. yes it is very wise and is always right about these things.- rayyo77

TV has been telling me to shut the hell up and just go buy something. Tv also tells me the world is going to shit so we might as well enjoy the ride. TV might be right about the second part.- agent_of_truth

im not allowed to watch tv but i like rugrats- leggie

Its telling me to become a grey donkey make friends with a big fat, ugly man called shrek and talk like a black comedian.- Criky

nothing and yes- lord dhadow

Good Answer Awardhate myself and everyone else. be ashamed. consume. be blind to beauty and imperfection (which is to be blind to life). as the viewer my life is worthless, but maybe i'll find redemption if i buy bleach in a barbie-pink bottle and a time-release air freshener to rain carcinogens over my family every fifteen minutes. - green

Its been telling me to kill JCP. I think I should.- G-Rod

The TV tells me if I consume more, he will emit more magical pleasure from his screen.- me

Good Answer Awardnope- Yo

i dont watch it. i just rerun my dvd of trainspotting over and over and over- snippy

Give money to people I do not know for things I do not want. It must be right, how can all those people be wrong.- ARVN7

I work most evenings, so I usually only watch day time tv. According to the TV, I need to buy Colonial Penn life insurance, Take a free test drive in a scooter or power chair, and have my pets spayed or neutered. I don't imagine it is right in any way, except for having my pet spayed or neutered, because Bob Barker is never wrong!- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardThe TV used to tell me to look both ways before crossing the street and to eat my vegetables, but these days it doesn't tell me anything quite as useful. Banks try to make me their customer when I could care less about them; car companies try to tell me which vehicle is right for me, but they can just shove it. If I did what the TV told me to do, I'd be poor and unhappy. So, the TV remains off and I read instead to keep myself entertained and enlightened. Read your books, kids!- McDiablo

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