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Have you ever been on TV before? (If so - why and when, if not - why not???)

In my town we have our own local TV station. I've been on it for my eighth grade ring ceremony where I played acoustic guitar. - Donnie

Good Answer Awardoh yes - The first time was on CFCF's noon hour game show at Les Promenade in St Bruno Quebec(I was about 14) - Next was a televised football game I was playing in, also in Montreal - After that on Rogers TV in Mississauga playing with my band(Three Kool Guys), then Mayor Hasel McCallum(who was in her 70's) joined us on stage for a every energetic jig - I appeared with friends in two Kim Mitchell videos - With Three Kool Guys in Burlington Ontario for a Canada Day Festival - Playing with Hennessey in Ottawa on the New RO - With Hennessey at Major's Hill Park in Ottawa - On CBC with the Marc Nelson Trio - On CFTO also with Marc and Stuart - On CFTO with Chairman George - And between 5-10 interviews in China on CCTV, again with Chairman George ...gee I should save this...reads like a bio ! I think I'm forgetting some..oh well, I hate seeing myself on TV- Poptart

yeah. i fell on it when i got punched in the face one time.- jo

nope haha im not entertaining at all.- joytoy

I was on TV one time in like 2nd grade for a piece of artwork I did at school. I made a self portrait and it was pretty sweet! Yeah, I'm still famous for that...I think I might have to be sent to rehab or put on house arrest now.- sseedie

Good Answer AwardI have been on the news before, but all you could see is my ass.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Yes, in many Positions!- Budi

Well there was this one time when our school did this production thing about drunk drivers and the effects of alchohol on us and bla bla bla..... ne way, i was on tv durring that. they did this fake car crash and i guess people thought it was real because every one started sobbing, acting overly dramatic, crying. and right in the middle of the mob of melo-dramatic idiots crying over a poorly assembled theatrical production, were my friends and i totally not paying attition and playing cards on the ground. hehe. we made the 9:00 news. hehe. stupid librel idiots....- bobthemouse09

all i can say here is, x-files,june 14,2004,why??they paid me in moonbeams,which i thought was legal tender in this demension. the first good bar i hit and orderd up a double shot of ammonia,with a chlorine chaser,then droped about 20 m-bs to pay for it,not only did they laugh,i had to clean out two craters in the back with nothing but my side laser!!!!i can tell you this,,i'll never work for them again for anything less than full spectrum wages!!- rayyo77

Yes, i was in a shot of snowjam in halifax on muchmusic a few years ago. I was wearing a wendy's visor, tho i never worked at wendy's. i was on tv because i was seated with some enthusiastic folks, you know how they got on the tv.- agent_of_truth

yes michael took pictures and video and then they were on his tv- leggie

Yes. I once decided it would be funny to sit on my tv. But then it got boring, so i got off.- Criky

no because i never do anything interesting- lord dhadow

nope. tv=waste/rot/propagator-of-hate- green

Yes, several times. Once because my dog jumped off a cliff, once because I am a scientist...I didn't lie this time!- G-Rod

No, but I've been in the newspaper a couple of times for music related things.- me

yes- Yo

yes. wonderama 1964. i won a lot of stuff.- snippy

yes, a children's telivision show. long time ago- ARVN7

I was once on the TV show Breakfast Television which is taped in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have no idea why I was there. They had rabbits and doughnuts too. I got to read the studio's address at the end of the show. It was the pinnacle of my childhood!- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardI was all set to speak on behalf of the Insane Domain in front of billions of television viewers and declare war against stupidity and those who do not deserve to breed--but, of course, there was a "malfunction" and my spectacular speech, which surely would have instilled fear and wonder upon the viewer, was forever lost............okay, I'm lying. I wasn't waiting to make a speech. But, er, if such a speech ever needs to be delivered, I DEFINITELY don't have one lying around *cough*- McDiablo

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