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You're walking along a random street lined with streamers and thinking about getting some ice cream when you start to realize that you're actually in a rainforest surrounded by strange sounds. It's getting dark and after looking down at your hand, you discover that you've eaten half of a strange fruit that has caused you to hallucinate for a while. You are LOST and have no phone, no idea where to go and that strange growling noise seems to be getting closer.
What do you do next?

Ignore the growling. If it's trying to kill me: it will, nothing can change that. After that's settled (provided I'm still alive), I'd wonder how the hell I got to the rainforest. I'd carefully define the difference between a forest and a jungle. After all that's finished? Walk slowly in one direction hoping eventually I'll leave that place. If all fails, I'll have to accept beastiality as the only way in which to feel less lonely, accompanied with my strange fruit of hallucinations: life would be good, my friends.- Donnie

Lose control of my bowels...after that I'll try to enjoy the trip...good drugs are scarce these days- Poptart

Damn, am I really that hungry for ice cream that my stomach is audibly growling?- oxie, who forgot a nickname

party.- jo

realize that the growling noise is my stomache and continue my search for ice cream.- joytoy

Eat more fruit!!! shit! If I'm gonna die, I'm goin down with a smile! Oh...maybe I'll save a lil fruit for whatever's gonna kill me....Nahhhh!!!- sseedie

Look for a fucking ice cream stand....duh!- idontmindthesunsometimes

Good Answer AwardIt is time to eat the rest of the fruit. Whatever happens next...well, it happens. If it is going to be scary and if I am going to die, I may as well hallucinate that I am somewhere safe and cozy, playing with my new puppy.- Joel

Good Answer AwardWell, if the growl is coming from the Darkside, I will embrace it! I hear they Have Cookies!- Budi

i would immeadatly assume the fetal possition and then eat more of the fruit. after the hullucinagens kick back in i will calmly walk to a pay phone and call rosie o donnel and tell her i have food. shell find me.- bobthemouse09

eat the other half of that fruit.- rayyo77

Start jammin' - agent_of_truth

Good Answer Awardi like fruit- leggie

Good Answer AwardStop, sit down, eat more fruit, trip out, sober up, get some ice cream, go to wall mart, buy a phone, get some more fruit, go home, sit down, watch tv, eat dinner, get some more ice cream, go out, eat half of fruit, loose phone, walk down carnival street, look at streamers, get lost, hallucinate ---->repeat from begining- Criky

climb a tree- lord dhadow

shin up the nearest tree trunk/drainpipe. enjoy refuge of high place and from this vantage point, perform cost/benefit analysis before making next move.- green

Eat the rest of the fruit. Perhaps that growling is...Look! A purple dragon named Steve!- G-Rod

Finish the fruit and hope it takes me somewhere better.- me

Good Answer Awardmarinate- Yo

laugh hysterically and not pay my bills- snippy

change to wide angle lens, open up the f-stop, crank up the shutter speed, and get ready.- ARVN7

Good Answer AwardAfter much panic, I soon realize the strange growling noise is none other than my belly. I only ate half the fruit and I'm still hungry! Once finishing off the rest of this strange fruit, I find bizarre cart-like objects with wheels. I hop in one and find a stick to push myself along the bumpy paths. I pass bananas, coconuts and.. potatoes? I smash into the potatoes and am ejected from my cart with wheels only to be escorted away from the produce section, and out of the grocery store by two little men in green smocks. After being escorted out of my adventure, I am forced to pay for the strange fruit I snacked on.- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardThe growling noise is probably just Mzebonga who's most likely eaten the same fruit and is thinking that he's a jaguar. Why is he there? You tell me. Anyways, to get out of our predicament, I'd probably befriend some of the monkeys that live in the jungle (I'm sure there are monkeys in every jungle, right?) and ask them to seek out the sock monkey known as Emerald. I'm sure Emerald would hear through "the monkey grapevine" that I'm lost and would find her way to me. She's very helpful in that way. As for Mzebonga, well, I'm sure by the time Emerald finds me he'd have crowned himself Lord of the Jungle and scampered off with his monkey army following closely behind. - McDiablo

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