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Are you the best dancer in history? Your family? The world? Your neighbourhood?

Good Answer AwardWell, that all depends on your opinion of a good dancer. My opinion: if you're having fun and so are the people around you, you're probably good. So am I the best? No. Nor do I want to be. My family has this crazy image where they can dance because they know the electric slide (Which, indeed, is a horrible song). I fear any family gathering simply to avoid the dreaded repeats of said song over and over again. The world sucks in every aspect, especially dancing. My neighbourhood sucks too.- Donnie

Me?? absolutely not ! Wee Mic McBride of Milton Ontario is the best dancer in the world !! JCP might second that - Poptart

yes- jo

hmm no... ddr? maybe- joytoy

No, I pretty much suck like most people. I will say that I can dance better than most people in my family though, which isn't giving myself any credit really. I should just stop while before you determine I suck all together...haha!- sseedie

Good Answer AwardFuck yeah! Directors pick me to be in their musicals because I can dance. I can say to a director "I want to dance." And I will. They are slave to my awesome bodily movements.- idontmindthesunsometimes

Yes, I'm a tiny Dancer! Now, Hold me Close Damnit!- Budi

i would be the best dancer in the world, except for my friend akira. meta says she has a belly dancer's belly. so she automatically wins. especially since i ..... i lost... my legs in .... the...the...the....THE WAR.- bobthemouse09

Good Answer Awardno,no,no,and no. i held a contest one time and found out im' not even the best dancer in the room when im danceing by my self.- rayyo77

Historically, i was for a brief amount of time. I call this time my pcp years. I would feel the music in a way those around me couldn't, they were left staring with gaping jaws at my presence. - agent_of_truth

Yes i am the best dancer in the world once i danced with michael jackson but i was so good i made him look bad so we didnt dance then he wanted to go to bed so we went to bed im tired- leggie

Good Answer AwardI am an incredably good dancer. However, my left leg is slightly longer than my right, therefore i have to adapt a dancing procedure featuring lots of spins, as i naturally rotate in a circle. However, i do not feel that i am the best in the world, as watching continuous rotation can seem slightly boring after a while.- Criky

Good Answer Awardno- lord dhadow

only when intoxicated- green

Yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh wait...I lied.- G-Rod

Dancing was one of those things that slipped God's mind while he was making me. I can't dance, I've never been able to dance, and I don't see much of a bright, dancing future ahead of me.- me

family- Yo

my street- snippy

Good Answer Awardwhat is a dance?- ARVN7

Good Answer AwardI don't dance--I bust a move. For one to master the busting of a move does not mean that one must be the greatest of dancers. Looking like an idiot is a must. Looking like an idiot and not giving a shit that you're looking like an idiot is definitely a plus. You don't need to be trained in ballet for decades in order to become the best at busting a move. That's what makes it so great. So, hop to it, people; put on your favourite song and bounce, jump, flail your arms and bob your head. Who cares if someone's watching..- McDiablo

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